Musescore App sucks?

Jul 8, 2019

I recently downloaded (and subsequently deleted) the musescore app and here are some of my thoughts:

1. Instrument sounds are waaay worse. I only listened to a couple sax scores and they sounded much more MIDI and computer-like than on the website. I don't understand what drew musescore to not just carry over the same sound(s), why make whole new (worse) ones? What's up with that?
2. Moving around within a piece controls horribly. In the website, you can simply click/tap on a different measure and it'll play from there instead. As far as I could tell that was impossible in the app (Granted, there is the issue of changing pages in the website which is completely broken but whatever)
3. You can't view number/people who have favorited a score. I tried favoriting the piece too and it didn't show me anything, not how many other people had done the same, nor did I see any option to see who had favorited it like I can do on the website. Comments worked just fine, on the other hand.