Suggestions for improvements in Sets

Jul 8, 2019

I have noticed that the layout of sets have been changed and it looks much better (especially on desktop) now. It's the same look and feel as the scores displayed on the "Profile" or "Sheet Music" pages. Kudos to the designers and developers for this. 

With that in mind here are some suggestions for improvement in sets (you'll notice some old and already mentioned here and hopefully some new)

1. Friendly URLs for Pro users. 

If we can have something like
we should also be to have something like
rather than

2. Move the "INFO" section from the right margin to the left one (on desktop) / from the bottom margin to the top on mobile

That would be more in line what we have on (for example) "Sheet Music" tab and more users would actually read the description of sets - motivating set creators to add the description in the first place. 

3. Redesign "Sets" page

The sets page looks like nothing else on the site.
It would be better as it had a similar layout as the redesigned "specific set" page. Either allow users to upload cover page for the set or auto-generate one based on its title (and possible description).

4. Give set creators freedom to set a specific order of sets on the main sets page

Currently the order is selectable from a drop down box (by date or alphabetically). I feel the set creator should have a freedom to set up their specific order just as they can set up order of scores inside a set. 

5. Allow creation of set consisting of other MuseScorer's uploads

One can do that on YouTube, SoundCloud and similar sites. An examples of these set would be "Arrangements of My Works by Fellow Musescorers" or "Piano Sonatas by Fellow Musescorers I Really Love" (titles for illustration purposes only). In this way, in addition to Uploaders, Commenters/Critics, Passive Bystannders, would could also have a useful category of users: Curators. 

6. Allow favoring and commenting on sets'

This would make sets first class citizens here and make the entire site more uniform. 

Now, I do understand that team has its own priorities and add stories to their board based on their complexity and perceived business values, so this is not a request but just some ideas for considerations.