About the Staves...

Aug 20, 2019

This link can enlighten you to what I suggest : https://imgur.com/a/rL1Jh4n
Please start reading from the second image, and then above ( There's something up with the images' order in imgur... ) So basically what I suggest is to have the access to modify only specific pages' settings and not all pages'. That could be for other stuff too but now I can think of only making that when opening page settings... I think it could help save space...
Besides that I wanted to tell you about this video: https://youtu.be/4hZxo96x48A
The YouTuber seems to talk a bit strictly but his video is to be given credit I think so if you haven't taken notes I advice you to do so but you probably have I guess... And sorry for my bad english XD Even "Stave" might not be what I think it means... Uh but thanks for providing this free software... and it's on Linux too! :D