Preserve comments when profile is deleted

Jan 28, 2020

This is a suggestion for a feature enhancement.

Current behaviour:
When a user profile is deleted, all the comments made by that user appear as [empty]. This is a very nuclear data deletion action. And it can detract from the discussion.  Here's an example:

Suggested behaviour:
When profile is deleted, provide the user with an option to leave their comments in tact, with the user marked 'Anonymous' or 'User Deleted'.


Users may delete their profile for all sorts of reasons. I think for privacy it is important to still provide them the option to wipe all data including historical comments. But in some cases they may just want to remove their profile and scores, but would be fine with preserving comments they left on other user's scores.  Making this option available would preserve good quality discussion on scores. Right now, rendering a lot of comments [empty] can detract from community discussion and experience of other users.