MuseScore Collab

Hey there! One great update for MuseScore would be to have a collaborative score, where more than one individual can work on it at the same time. It should be like Google Docs or something, where you have to sign in and give permission to other users to collaborate on it. Just a thought.
Also, what would be nice is you have a notifications box in the top corner so you can see your notifications. Keep the updates coming!!

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9 months ago

URL's in score descriptions and elsewhere don't work in common cases

URL's in what use to be called the "About this sheet music" (but now has no title by which it can be referred to) are now corrupted when followed by punctuation. If you use a URL at the end of a sentence, or in parentheses, each of which are extremely common things to do, you can be sure that clicking on it will tell your visitor "page not found" unless you are careful to put a space before the punctuation.  This did not used to be so; it used to work correctly.  One cannot go back and fix texts that are now textus non gratus for being > 5000 characters.  The breaking of already-posted text is a serious problem.  This should be fixed.

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a day ago

plagiarizer on musescore

has plagiarized


origional copy here:

so far the creator hasn't taken it down.
Can you please take it down manually, or ban the user if they don't comply?


that same person has ripped of other things:

from a protected midi file:

so even if the original thing isn't valid he definitely needs to be taken down for this one.

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2 days ago

For contrabass? Not quite

My friend just posted a Bach chorale score (one of hundreds he has been working assiduously on), which he has scored for 2 vocal staves (4 parts in hymnal disposition) and contrabass al ottava bassa .  I wanted to find my own 2015-posted organ prelude on this chorale, and the search box failed to find it: it was primed to look for "music for contrabass."  This not even vaguely right.  Without user input, the determination of what this music is "for" is a bug, not a feature.  For anything short of music for a solo instrument, it is NEVER right.  I discussed this at length on a thread in a forum in the pre-Ultimate-guitar MS world, but that's all forgettable now.

Why should searching from a chorale that in addition to choral parts includes a contrabass (not in the score, but used as continuo) limit itself to "contrabass"?  This is madness. Please stop.  Please find some more effective design/feedback methodology than "Let's try this and see how it flies!".

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a day ago

Can't Comment in discussions

I've been looking on the community feature, and apparently this isn't broken for everyone, but I am currently unable to comment in any discussions, no matter the group. At the bottom of the discussion page, I can see the text that says "Your Comment", but there is no place for me to type my comment. I've tried replying to other people's comments, and that doesn't work either. This has been happening for me since yesterday afternoon. I'm using Microsoft Edge with Windows 10.

Update: I can't comment on or reply to comments on any scores, including my own. Please fix!!

Update 2: It seems I can't really do anything on MS right now except create and edit discussions. The "Load More" button on my dash takes me back to the top of the page, the basic statistics portion is gone, and I can't play any scores. This is very frustrating. The problem seems to be with the device, not the account. I tried logging into my sister's account on this same computer, and encountered the same problems. So far, I haven't had any problems when logging in with my phone.

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6 days ago

Forum Access Through, Musescore on Social Media

It's been a while since I've been to and its getting so much better. It's very exciting to see it have its own community website, with groups, contests, etc.

However, there is no practical way of accessing the forums through, or just a quicker/more practical way to report bugs in general (as I am constantly finding weirdly specific bugs with every version, the unpracticality of bug reporting threw me off for a while).

I feel there should also be more involvement with other social media. There are plenty of musescore users that rarely visit but are always on facebook, instagram, etc, that are not getting updated on contests, musescore itself, etc.  Musescore's Facebook page is fine but the Instagram account is just not very good.

Anyways, here is my input. I hope its helpful! Peace!

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18 days ago


I don't know if i'm the only one, but I think that the musescore team should add traditional Chinese instruments into the notation software. The only ones on there at the moment are the ocarina and the gongs. Not a complaint, just a suggestion.

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4 days ago

MuseScore website sound(font)

Wow, i just updated my anime medley and the piano sound seems to be totally off. And not only the latest song is totally different, the others have changed as well. If I listen to my arrangements here, everything is perfect. However, after uploading, it sounds so different!!
So here is my question: Does the MuseScore website use a different soundfont or at least a different piano sound?

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3 days ago

"Find music for" is a waste of screen space

MuseScore is not a music store.  Neither you nor page authors make royalties when someone downloads music.  In my opinion, this is a site for people to post music for sharing in whatever way, not a library, concert hall or music store.  People who come here and click "piano" will be met by (right now) a beginning of a composition called "The unplayable song" and a sheet of blank music paper "for piano".  Works of history's greatest composers (entered with all degrees of accuracy or vandalism) share space with music of amateur (and possibly professional) composers with levels of talent ranging from erudite to young people who have just begun to learn, whose "first words" are expectably stumbling.  Anyone who comes here looking for new (to them) music to learn or perform has come to the wrong place.  That is not what this site is, does well, or should be, in my opinion; it is a community and a forum, not a store. "Find music for" is a waste of large amount of valuable screen space on every score.

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6 days ago

"Upload" button and profile drop down menu are moved?


I've got some issues with how the website is presented (Windows 8.1/10 Chrome). Look at the red box in these two images: 

You can see that the "upload" button and the profile drop down menu (and the "Go Pro" button even though it's irrelevant for me) are moved.
Please fix it! Thanks in advance!

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10 days ago

How do I "un-hide" scores?

I just bought a new Pro membership after I lost my old one. All of the scores that were hidden when my account lost its last Pro membership are still hidden. I can't seem to figure out how to make them visible again. 

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3 days ago

Goodbye, Musescore!

(Sorry if this is completely irrelevant to the website.)

Hey, guys, just wanted to notify you all. I have recently found a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called FL Studio. I have been working on learning it for a few days, and I'm hooked. So, I will be making a Soundcloud account and making FL Studio music to post there and sell on the Unity Asset Store. What this means is: I'm leaving Musescore. My 6-Month journey with you guys has been very fun. But it's time for me to move on. I'm not getting rid of my account, nor am I stopping uploading. I'm just going to be WAY less active. Shoutout to Masked_mudkip105 for introducing me to musescore, and to musescore and the musescore staff for being a huge help! I would not be composing today without you guys. 
So, yeah. Goodbye, everyone, and keep composing! ;)

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6 days ago

Can a list of Sets be sorted alphabetically?

With a long list of Sets, the sets seem always to be listed in the order in which the sets were added. But I can't find a way of sorting the Sets list into alphabetical order.

For example, the OpenScore Lieder Corpus now has over 60 Sets, and it's getting very hard to track down the set when you need to add a score to the set:

Ideally, it would be great to sort the Sets list with an Edit option - in the same way as we can already sort the scores listed within a Set.  And with such a long list of sets, users will certainly need a search filter to narrow down the list - for example, by composer.

Thanks for any improvement!

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a month ago

Choice to make downloading unavailable...

First of all, I absolutely love the fact that has been going through a lot of changes recently - it looks more and more professional every time I open up the site, and is also greatly improving in efficiency.

One thing I've been wishing for a while now, however, is that the website might one day develop an option for users to 'ban' downloads on certain scores. Let me explain:

I understand that the main aim of is to share sheet music, similar to that of IMSLP or other online music forums. I am in no way suggesting that the download option should be removed, as it is a wonderful tool for people to access sheet music and change it up a bit if they want to, but simply that users get the option if they want their score to be downloadable or not. I think that, if this option was implemented, most of the music people post on the site would still be eligible to download. Arrangements, transcriptions, and pieces under Creative Commons and Attribution copyright licences would still be available to download, and composers of original works with All Rights Reserved could upload their pieces with the safety of knowing that no one could possibly download and use their music without their given permission. I, for one, would happily keep all my arrangements and even some of my smaller compositions that I've whipped up in a day or so available for public downloading, but meanwhile keep the scores for my larger, more time-consuming compositions safely to myself. And, also, if a trustworthy individual wants to access the score for a legitimate reason, the creator of the piece can decide to email the score to that person only. This option would also enable composers to sell their sheet music on other sites for monetary gain, and prevent a lot of the plagiarism that sadly exists on

I really think that this is a worthwhile addition, and I hope you consider it. Besides, there is no possible way anyone could get upset by this feature being implemented, because everyone would have the choice whether they want to use it or not. I suppose, if you wanted, it could be added as a PRO feature only, but personally I think everyone on the site - paying user or non-paying user - should have the option to make their scores completely accessible or not.

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25 days ago

A easy way to see Musescore updates

I was wondering if it was possible to add a little tab or something in which we could see updates. As i've been busy for many reasons, I have had less time to adventure in the world of musescore. However i've noticed that the only updates that I can see are ones that staff have posted alongside other posts. It would be neat and easy to have a section of only updates, and see the progress that the team is creating.

Despite this, I know the team is working hard on Musescore 3, and other features. I hope this can at least make it into a list of things to consider, and I hope for the success of Musescore 3!

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9 days ago