What do you think when you read an INFP's writing?

INFPs get so lost in thought and seem distant when you meet them in real life. However, they can explain what they're thinking through writing stories, poems, music, etc.. I noticed that I and other INFPs appear extraverted when writing online because we can't express our wild thoughts outwardly very well. Do you think so too? :D 

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8 months ago

Welcome, INFPs!

Welcome to the INFP MuseScorers group!

The purpose of this group is for us likeminded individuals to get to know each other and share our magnificent masterpieces (because that's what INFPs like to do xD). 

Please feel free to:
- Post discussions (No spamming, please!)
- Participate in discussions
- Share your scores
- Post challenges, competitions, stories, poems, etc.

Thank you so much for joining and please introduce yourself below :)

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8 months ago

Compose Yourself into Music

I propose a challenge to everyone composer that sees this. Write a piece that reflects yourself as perfectly as possible. Take some time to reflect on who you are and what makes you, you. Once you do that, compose yourself as music. You may be a sorrowful duet or an energetic orchestra. You may be a sonata that changes emotions half way through. Who are you? Compose yourself into music.

Also, feel free to share this challenge with other people. The more to do this the better.

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4 months ago

Sound Font Update

Hey, I'm looking to update my sound font to something more natural.  Can you all suggest a sound font and link the download in this discussion?  Preferable not one through mediafire.  My computer doesn't like that site.
If you know how to get the HQ Orchestra sound font other than from mediafire, please tell me.

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6 months ago

Waltz Boss Theme Challenge

Okay, this is something that I've wanted to do for a while.  Well the gist of it is you have to make a boss type theme, (doesn't matter what game genre you want to base it of) but it has to be waltz type of style.
Must in 3/4 time.
Any tempo
Any key
3 minutes Minimum

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8 months ago

Introverts sure are fun.......

So as an introvert, I personally love me some alone time, but lately one of my friends has been asking me to hang out with him every day now that it;s summer because he's super extroverted and we're good friends. It's been 5 days..... I have no how to say I don't want to hang out with him without sounding like a bad person.... Has this type of thing ever happened to any of you (wanting some alone time, but having no way to get it)

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8 months ago

relatable posts for INFP's?

idk...here's some of mine. I'm borderline INTP and ENFP (borderline ENTP??) but I'm still an INFP so maybe you can still relate

- I am TERRIFIED of getting angry at people (I'm usually very passive unless it's online and someone steals my music or someone else's xD). So I hate confrontation.
- If someone doesn't respond to my texts/email, I start worrying if I said something wrong
- I also hate social situations when people aren't happy with me...I kinda just freeze up and don't know what to say/do.
- Pretty much I avoid conflict at all costs....
- when you're daydreaming and people ask you what you're thinking about...argh!!
- I'm always really afraid to talk to new people, but can't stop talking after we manage to get a conversation started
- Sometimes I talk too much about myself (I think) and start worrying that the other person has formed an impression of me as a self-centered jerk. So I ask them questions too but by then an impression has already been formed...and.......ugh...
- I keep procrastinating yet I always get everything done
- music wise, I always compose the majority of a piece in one or two days, and the rest can take anywhere from a few hours to a month xD
- I always recall awkward moments from several years ago and cringe at its pure awkwardness
- Do any of you act differently depending on who you're with???!!! Like I'm always acting natural and being me but it literally changes depending on the person I'm with. And then when I'm with two people that I act slightly differently with at the same time, part of me feels awkward cause I'm worried that at least one of the two people thinks I'm acting strange/different.
- you know when someone comes to talk to you...but you don't feel like talking to them...but don't know how to tell them...
- I'm afraid of talking on the phone to strangers...my family doesn't understand why, but apparently a lot of people also have this weird phobia...sooooo.......

idk if this stuff is even directly related to the INFP personality but since you guys all share my personality type, I figured I'd put this here :P

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8 months ago