relatable posts for INFP's?

Jul 12, 2018's some of mine. I'm borderline INTP and ENFP (borderline ENTP??) but I'm still an INFP so maybe you can still relate

- I am TERRIFIED of getting angry at people (I'm usually very passive unless it's online and someone steals my music or someone else's xD). So I hate confrontation.
- If someone doesn't respond to my texts/email, I start worrying if I said something wrong
- I also hate social situations when people aren't happy with me...I kinda just freeze up and don't know what to say/do.
- Pretty much I avoid conflict at all costs....
- when you're daydreaming and people ask you what you're thinking about...argh!!
- I'm always really afraid to talk to new people, but can't stop talking after we manage to get a conversation started
- Sometimes I talk too much about myself (I think) and start worrying that the other person has formed an impression of me as a self-centered jerk. So I ask them questions too but by then an impression has already been formed...and.......ugh...
- I keep procrastinating yet I always get everything done
- music wise, I always compose the majority of a piece in one or two days, and the rest can take anywhere from a few hours to a month xD
- I always recall awkward moments from several years ago and cringe at its pure awkwardness
- Do any of you act differently depending on who you're with???!!! Like I'm always acting natural and being me but it literally changes depending on the person I'm with. And then when I'm with two people that I act slightly differently with at the same time, part of me feels awkward cause I'm worried that at least one of the two people thinks I'm acting strange/different.
- you know when someone comes to talk to you...but you don't feel like talking to them...but don't know how to tell them...
- I'm afraid of talking on the phone to family doesn't understand why, but apparently a lot of people also have this weird phobia...sooooo.......

idk if this stuff is even directly related to the INFP personality but since you guys all share my personality type, I figured I'd put this here :P


I think every introverted person can relate to most of this.
I relate to everything here except for the fear of being too self centered because I just don’t talk about myself much. Literally only one of my friends knows that I compose.

One thing is that I never know how to respond when one of my friends talks about a personal issue like “I’m fat” or “I have depression (not joking)” because I’m always worried I’ll say something wrong
Yes! I relate with almost all of them! I don’t really get worried about my e-mails or texts, though.

Have you seen the relatable MBTI posts about first impressions (I’m pretty sure that’s what the post is)? The INFP line says people think you look like a tree-hugger. Someone actually told me that I look like someone who would hug trees and also went on and on about how I apparently act like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty xD
@lizzapie I also think I act the same around everyone...I’m not sure, though...I can be very absentminded sometimes!
Okay I relate to all of this soooo

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