Challenge from beyond the grave.


Thank-you for all joining and I decided now the time to launch a competition, please speak to any other members who might be interested as well so they don't miss out.

What inspired me for this competition was because I was listening to Elton John's Candle in the Wind (instrumental version) and decided it was a great idea.

So, the competition is to create a song about a famous person.

The rules;
- Cannot be about Norma Jean or England's Rose as that's where I got the inspiration from
- Must contain at least one flute part
- They can be dead or alive
- Must be original, no arrangements
- You cannot tell me who it's about as that's part of the judging
- Please put 'Shadow18's contest' in the title so I know that it's for here.

The judging will be as followed;

/5 for instrumental choice
/10 for technical elements
/10 for creativity

+ a bonus 5 points if I can tell whose it about.

In total there are 30 points for grabs and the winner will receive an advertisement for your music on Facebook where my family/friends can comment and appreciate it. Should this not be allowed (i.e. by parents) then we'll come up with a suitable alternative.

This competition will end 24th of October, and results announced on the 25th of October.

Have fun, and can't wait to see your entries.

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3 years ago



I wrote a remembrance poem last year and created it as a song this year. The song will be publicly available on the 1st of November - 31st of November. I have allowed you to see this song before hand and any comments regarding the song (not the words) is gratefully received.


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3 years ago