Important Update

Now that I am admin of this group I want the legacy to live on.
Once a week I am going to give myself a Jazz lesson and I will summarize the lesson for all of you that do not know anything(Including myself) about jazz.
If you have any other ideas for the group let me know.

- Ethan

16 days ago


Thanks for inviting me to this group despite my small contributions to jazz. If anyone is active here, would you guys like an arrangement of Istanbul by They Might Be Giants?

a month ago

Thank you for the invite

While at first it can be seen and actually said to be at its roots a marketing plot to attract "bees to their honey", of productions; that is their (promoter or actual artist's) music... It can actually be seen as a great tool for outreach to those with a passion of enjoying the fruits of a performer in the arts such as "jazz music"n this case. Whether performed or composed, the art is indebted to 2 contributors, musicians, and composers "or creators" of melodies to be played... For an audience with a desire to experience an audible and even visual display of talent manifested in "tunes" like "Jazz" in it's nature.

So while Inclusive to it'self.. that is the "group" attracted by a invite to check out "jazz music" in a strategic manner... Its exclusive to the purpose of this musical platform. That is, it's l"listening base". All can listen, but their are listeners which consume by purchasing created and performed musical pieces from those "creators," and organizers of this platform... Musically minded individuals interested in performing well enough in a certain way in order to gain a following such as the the ,577 followers in this group. That being said, I know being invited isn't a special thing... There are profiles on musescore which have accwss too more inclined "listener profiles' (,downloaders, non contributors, only listeners of ball types music ) found possible on this platform called musescore.

That being said, I'm not interested in jazz, but I do appreciate the hustle of a personally tailored pitch, and hunting for listeners in a database to offer music such as jazz music and access to the same subsequent contents.

So... Yiu have me... Let's hear some jazz!!

23 days ago


I honestly don't know much about jazz soo....
teach me.

29 days ago


Not to be mean or anything, but why was I invited? I don't really do jazz, but I like jazz. I'm a little confused.

a month ago

Some Disclaimers

hi, so thanks for adding me here! this group is great. at first I was a little surprised but I'm really glad overall. the music here is great! <3

29 days ago


It's an honor. It really is. But how did I get here? Don't you have to specifically find someone's profile to invite them? How did you find mine? Why did you invite me? What do you think I can add to this group?

a month ago