The Legend of Zelda Medley

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My first medley! This took a very long time, but in the end, it was most definitely worth it! I hope you feel the joy and satisfaction I felt after arranging, and transcribing this score. To get the full feel of this medley, I suggest using earphones/headphones, as well as listening until the end. Thanks, and enjoy!

Gravity Falls Theme

1 part2 pages00:383 months ago921 views
This is my first score! I started with an easy one because I'm still getting used to creating songs on here. Gravity Falls is one of my favorite TV shows, I arranged this version on the theme song by ear several months ago and have been dying to put into sheet music. Hope you all enjoy it! This piece is memorable and very easy to catch on to (the perfect kick starter).

Be sure to follow for some more scores coming soon!

Annie's Song

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This is one of John Denver's famous songs. I'm a huge fan! And, I may have had a lot of dust in my eyes while arranging this 😂. I arranged this score by ear, no references were used in the creation of it. A shout out to my mother for giving me advice for this score, and being the best mom a son could ever have. I recommend you use earphones/headphones while listening to this score. Thanks! And enjoy!


Kakariko Village

1 part2 pages01:082 months ago786 views
A simple, but heart felt piece in memory of the first 3D game of the LoZ series. This song will also be used for one of the villages in The Goddess Trilogy story that's being created right now by BotW Link, and with help from the rest of the Goddess Trilogy team. Enjoy!

-John :D

Davy Jones' Theme

1 part2 pages00:593 months ago494 views
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite movies, thought I would arrange a piece for Davy Jones' theme. This song (along with my "Gravity Falls Theme"), is one of the songs I did by ear and never got to write out several months ago, before I discovered MuseScore. Hope you enjoy it!
V. Preparing The Troops / Abigail | Original Composition
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V. Preparing The Troops / Abigail | Original Composition

30 parts5 pages02:07a month ago190 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(4), Percussion(9), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Guitar
Hello again!

Here is the newest track of the Ascon Suite. This piece starts with a 7/8 time signature as on of the villain's henchmen shapeshifts into a crow, flying over Ascon and warning all of the troops that Colin/Prince Aolis is coming soon. They must do all they can to snatch the gold dust from Colin so that the evil king can use it to become the official ruler! Soon, the scene changes to Abigail the supporting character as she meets Colin who is escaping from his betrayor, Mr. Flynn. Abigail becomes interested in helping Colin find Ascon and does all she can to help. I hope you enjoy!

HQ Audio:

Stars|Inspirational Song

4 parts21 pages04:36a year ago3,020 views
Flute, Piano, Strings, Cello
So because of all the stressful things going in my life, mainly school but also several other things, I've had times where I felt pretty depressed and helpless and alone. So I really needed this song.

I originally started this song right before winter break. School had gotten really tough, and it was hard to manage my schedule. And the homework just kept piling on. I'd wake up every day and immediately dread that it was gonna be yet another day of more stress. But then one day it came to me: winter break was here. And I'd survived.
I still had a crap ton of homework during winter break (1000+ word essay, 15 minute English presenation, an entire chapter of chemistry to memorize, and a couple smaller assignments) but dang, it so much more relaxing... :D
Shout out to everyone out there doing the IB Diploma Programme, the ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance, or, in my case, both at the same time. Also shout out to IB itself for being the main source of inspiration for this song :P

I tried to keep it nice and simple with a pop-ish style (and before you call me out on writing in a pop style, I don't hate pop as a genre; I just don't like the current quality of most pop music).

For those who are interested in singing this: transpose it however you like; the range of this song might not be comfortable

But anyways, whether you're feeling sad, alone, or stressed, I hope this song makes you feel at least a bit better :D
Remember, you are not alone; if you hang in there, everything will be okay :DDDD

Emerald|Advanced Piano Solo

1 part8 pages03:432 months ago1,218 views
LAST SCORE OF 2018!!!!
This was uploaded at 11:42 pm PST on December 31st, 2018 :P (yeah, musescore's upload date is off cause it's synced to a different time zone...)

Anyway I pretty much composed this entire piece today xD Well, except for the first theme, which I kinda sketched out in about 30 mins 3 weeks ago :P But then it's kinda my fault...cause I told myself I was gonna compose one more piano solo before 2019 and then left the whole thing for the 31st :P. Like holy crap I need to take a break after staring at a screen for several hours straight ._.

But yayayayayayay it's done! So I'm happy :D

ALSO: This is a new thing I'm doing - if you manage to play this piece or any of my piano compositions fluently and up to tempo, you can make a youtube video (public or private; just give me the link) and I WILL feature you. :D People will be able to switch to your playing in the audio sources, and I'll give you a shoutout in the description as well :D (whether or not you want your video to be available to everyone is up to you)

Happy new year, guys!! :D

© 2018 Q. Rebecca Yang

Soundfont: HQ Orchestral v3.0
Cover picture: My Emerald World from
Discovered Powers | Original Composition (ECC #1)
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Discovered Powers | Original Composition (ECC #1)

30 parts13 pages04:213 months ago631 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(5), Percussion(8), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Bass
Here is my submission for the Epic Composers Competition! It tells the story of a teenage boy who discovers super powers after a scientific mishap. He becomes curious and decides to see what he can do with his powers. When the piece turns to the building 12/8 time signature, the boy is running as fast as he can and begins to fly! He performs several stunts and flies over beautiful scenery. In the end he has a rough time landing but makes it down safely, immediately running home to reflect on what had just happened.

Silent Night Really Easy

1 part1 page00:483 months ago128 views
My first score, enjoy!
Please ignore the pauses, it wouldn't let me fix them...
Let me know what you think in the comments!
Nocturne No. 1 | Original Composition
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Nocturne No. 1 | Original Composition

1 part3 pages03:474 months ago348 views
Here is a nocturne I composed today! It took about 2 hours to write and it's main melody is one I've had stuck in my head for at least a year (if not 2 years). I had experimented with it many times but none of the pieces ever worked. Hopefully this was the wisest use of my favorite melody. I may expand it into an orchestral piece one day :D

Okay, I'm not too sure if this is REALLY a nocturne because it is written in AABBABBA (or something like that) form and I added several variations in the left hand. It could be an odd mixture of a minuet and nocturne that I unintentionally invented.

By the way...thank you, Shadows654 for inspiring me! xD

IV. Meet Gareth | Original Composition

30 parts7 pages02:554 months ago188 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(4), Percussion(9), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Guitar

Here is the fourth track of my Ascon Suite! After a few tracks about the main character, Colin, we finally get a view of the villain over in Ascon. The first minute of the piece is the transition from Colin in the woods to the castle in Ascon. The mischievous portion of the music shows the villain's clumsy assistants rushing around the castle trying their best to please their unpleasable master. The ominous music plays when Gareth (the villain) realizes that Colin found the portal to Ascon. He must try harder to defeat Colin before it's too late to become supreme ruler of Ascon!

You may find part of this track very can find the original here!

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A New Chapter | Original Composition (400 Follower +1!)
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A New Chapter | Original Composition (400 Follower +1!)

25 parts11 pages03:334 months ago424 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(2), Percussion(7), Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Strings
Hello there!

Woohoo! I have finally reached 401 followers! Thank you so, so, so, so, so much to everyone who has been an encouragement through feedback and friendship on this site. You could never know how grateful I am! Here is a shoutout to some of the people who have been a great encouragement over the last 5-6 months:

First of all, I would like to give a shoutout to my 400th follower, CEJ2003! He/she has been very kind and encouraging over the last few months and has shared the love of Christ through all he does.

Spencer Vanderkley
Kalle Edh
Kenobiingondolin2019 (a.k.a. Kenobunny)
Rebecca Y
John Donaldson
NenchohFungus42 (a.k.a. Bopple)
Robin M. Butler (a.k.a. My internet bro xD)
Aqueous Humourati

Now for the piece...I composed this piece shortly after moving out of the house I have lived in for 14 years of my life. It was emotional and bittersweet writing this as I was constantly reminded of good memories that occurred while living there. I also thought of how drastic my life is changing as I'm moving into "A New Chapter" of life with taking college classes and being a legal adult in a few months (yikes!). As the melody of my older composition Fantasia #2 always brought back childhood memories, I used that melody as a base for this one. Who knew I would compose a piece out of emotion instead of storytelling? xD

I hope you enjoy!

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6 parts7 pages01:244 months ago112 views
Brass Ensemble, Strings, Synthesizer(2), Trumpet, Viola
its finished! sorry if there is not much more than in the prieview. musescore starts glitching if i listen to it all the way through, so this is what i could do. i am going to update to the newest version now so that hopefully this son't happen and i can make a longer piece also name suggestions are welcome.

III. Betrayal/Escape | Original Composition

29 parts7 pages02:344 months ago227 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(3), Percussion(9), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Guitar
Here is the third track to my Ascon Suite! It comes right after "Colin's Predicament". This track illustrates Colin left in the cellar of Mr. Flynn's house. Eventually Mr. Flynn comes back and absentmindedly tells a little of his evil plan. Afterwards, Colin finds a way to escape from the cellar and runs through the woods.

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II. Colin's Predicament | Original Composition

28 parts10 pages03:054 months ago239 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(3), Percussion(8), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Guitar

Here is the second track of my Ascon series, depicting one of the main character's problems. The mischievous portion is about Colin's absentminded guardian, Mr. Flynn as he is about to leave for his mysterious 6:00 appointment. The second and more calmer section is when Colin leaves Mr. Flynn's house to search for Ascon using his father's journals. He gets very close to the portal and begins to recieve visions of the problem occuring in Ascon. After he returns to Mr. Flynn's house, Colin is captured and locked in the cellar by Mr. Flynn and some spies sent by the villain.

I hope you enjoy it!




1 part9 pages06:125 months ago2,511 views
Hey guys!! I'm back with another composition :D

For mobile users - you won't be able to listen to the full score without the youtube audio: (the youtube video was posted nearly a week ago so some of you may have already seen this piece)

NOW BEFORE I GET INTO THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS PIECE I'D LIKE TO FEATURE SEVERAL SCORES. This score isn't a follower special or anything, but I don't care :P. I've noticed compositions popping up in several places inspired by me...and dang I don't know what more I could ask for. Thanks so much guys for making those scores - it means a lot to me :D
- Gentle Sunbeams in the Garden by Jakob Altmann ( )
- Bittersweet by Jackie Carson ( )
- Headphones by Mega Leafon ( )
- PARODY on Modern Pop Songs by Romain Gandillet ( )
- Relaxation by NobleEwe (deleted)

Also I'd like to feature some remixes/arrangements of my original compositions :D
- Shine Through arranged by Ethan Toavs ( )
- Shine Through arranged by Bart Maas aka BmMusic ( )
- I Don't Feel Like Coming to School remixed by Skylar Klubnik aka JermUnderEddGame1983 ( )
- 3 Note Song - Rant on Modern Pop remixed by Dustin Gruenewald aka Baromeus ( )

Just keep in mind that if you want to use my music for anything other than personal enjoyment, you must contact me and ask permission first. The people above have all done so, and I appreciate that :D (just to clear things up: those who compose original pieces inspired by me DO NOT have to ask permission, as I do not own any part of their piece and am merely a source of inspiration. HOWEVER, if you use MY WORK in any way, you MUST ask permission)


This is my second try at writing for a small string orchestra and a few other parts (first try was my Heartbeat Song). Holy CRAP it's time consuming...if you can write something for full orchestra in less than a week I now worship you (pointing this at all you geniuses on here who can actually do that) :P

Anyway...the other reason this took so darn long (nearly 2 months :o) was because I slacked off a bit during August, and then school and IB hit, which left very little time for composing. Now those of you who are in the know what it's like (and I don't wanna go off on a rant cause I've already done that enough xD).

ANYWAY...I called this Dawn because of its golden hues for my synesthetic brain :P. New stuff I tried: a new structure that doesn't remotely follow the ABABCB structure I used in most of my other compositions (at least kind of). And string writing, of course (I don't actually know how to properly do this...I just tried following SATB voice leading rules, I guess?). But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D

Btw I didn't (and won't) upload the full score just so it doesn't get plagiarized. I won't give it out to anyone either under any circumstances. However, I've provided an easy piano reduction for those of you that might want to play it - several of you have asked me to make easier pieces in the past, so here's one :D

And one final announcement: you may have noticed that I crossed 600 followers a while ago, but haven't posted a special. That's cause I'm not going to. I've noticed that I don't have all the time in the world to compose...and the time it takes me to compose at most 2 serious compositions I'm proud of is around the time it takes me to gain 100 followers. And since I always make my follower specials something I'm proud of, it's starting to look like I'm composing only for the followers (which I'm not). From now on, I'll only post a follower special every 250 followers, so the next one will be at 750 :D

© 2018 Q. Rebecca Yang

The soundfont is the HQ Orchestral Soundfont v.3
The image is originally from, but I found it on Google Images.

I. Darkness Settling (Prologue) | Original Composition

28 parts7 pages02:326 months ago765 views
Piccolo, Piano(11), Organ(3), Percussion(8), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Guitar
Hello!! :D

Here is a new (well old-ish) composition I made. The first 1:10 seconds was written about a year ago, then I began to add more onto it a couple days ago! This will be the new introduction to my Ascon series. Wow, I have so many compositions in this project now. Now it's a matter of more composing and then compiling them into a large soundtrack!

This intro is where the main character would be narrating the history of Ascon falling to the evil king. In the process of taking over this fantasy world, the boy's father disappears to who knows where (you can't find out right now xD) and leaves him orphaned back on earth. Now, the boy is left with his dad's journals and is trying to find the portal to Ascon.

(Extra Fact: The boy had never been to Ascon due to a growing tension with the rebels. In fact, his father had kept it a secret from the boy that he was the king. Since the boy was heir to the throne, the villain sent spies back to earth to kill him. The boy was just too clever to be caught by them!)


1 part4 pages03:3210 months ago114 views
Had to fix it

grade 5 to 7 difficulty for hard trills, arpeggios, difficult left hand, irregular time signatures and a key change