A new group has been created by me and Jay, and we need YOU to come participate in the contest! In this group, contests for the best score will be held. Winners of the contests will receive: likes on your score, a follow by both me and John, and an announcement of your score and username for a first place shout out!! So come join today!! Can't wait to see what you've got. Contests have already started, but the next competition will be held at the end of Feb. early March. Jay and I are so excited to see you there! 
Kindest Regards, -John :D

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17 days ago

What Pokemon Overworld Theme should I Do Next? YOU DECIDE...

As you guys might know, I take a liking in arranging the overworld music for pokemon games. I can't decide which one I should do of these six themes. These are all some of Pokémon's most memorable music and it's hard to pick one, so please vote for your favorite!
-Pokémon Kanto - Cerulean City
-Pokémon Johto - Violet City
-Pokémon Hoenn - Victory Road
-Pokémon Sinnoh - Route 210
-Pokémon Unova - Driftveil City
-Pokémon Kalos - Route 15
To see the current vote results, click here: https://musescore.com/user/32814/sets/825721

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3 years ago

Belting Out Random Songs

A discussion where we belt out random songs. A good way to release anything going through your head. And the good thing is- we don't have to worry about having a bad singing voice, since this is an online discussion!

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6 years ago


Hey guys! You probably know that this for discussions hah. Well this is a free for all for everyone, if you guys wanna post random stuff to talk about. I look at other groups and see that only admins put up contests, do you think other members can put contests also? 'Cause I'm not much for contests haha so if you do wanna post a contest please do! Also, post questions here also so me or any other members can answer them! Please be nice and invite others so we can share and review more music(:! One last thing, anyone wanna be an admin?

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6 years ago