Famous Composer Challenge

Jan 1, 2015

See if you can answer correctly all these challenge questions about famous composers. If you correctly answer 20 challenges, you are an Honorary Music Master.
Answers will be posted in February.

1. Which composer’s name translated into English is Joe Green.
2. Which composer wrote a piece with real whale song?
3. Which composer wrote an opera parody with a title taken from Mozart’s “Abduction from the Seraglio” and “Marriage of Figaro”?
4. Which composer wrote a symphony about Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) during World War II?
5. Which composer wrote the music for a ballet about a puppet?
6. Which composer wrote the music for another ballet in which a mechanical doll needs to be wound up several times to continue dancing?
7. Which composer wrote music for an opera about a lady named "Butterfly"?
8. Who wrote music about the planets?
9. Which composer wrote music about a bee?
10. Which composer wrote music for an opera that includes a sword swinging singing warrior woman?
11. Which composer wrote a symphonic poem about his native country, a composition that was once entitled “A Scandinavian Choral March” in order to avoid censorship?
12. What composer was a virtuoso pianist who wrote a famous Hungarian Rhapsody?
13. Which pacifist composer wrote a composition in remembrance of the dead from WWII?
14. What composer is credited with a composition technique using all 12 tones of the scale?
15. Who wrote music about a troll mountain king?
16. Who wrote music based on a poem about a forest half human-half goat creature?
17. Who wrote music for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”?
18. Which composer who wrote a jazzy composition about how the world was formed?
19. Who wrote a composition for classical guitar and orchestra inspired by the gardens of a resort?
20. Which composer was a first for winning an academy award for best musical or comedy score?
21. Bonus extra credit: What composer wrote semi autobiographical music about a piano lounge singer?

To help you out, here is list of composers you can match up with the questions
A. Benjamin Britten
B. Claude Debussy
C. Tan Dun
D. Edvard Grieg
E. Alan Hovhaness
F. Gustav Holtz
G. Franz Liszt
H. Darius Milhaud
I. Jacques Offenbach
J. Rachel Portman
K. Giacomo Puccini
L. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
M. Joaqun Rodrigo
N. Peter Schickele
O. Arnold Schoenberg
P. Dmitri Shostakovich
Q. Jean Sibelius
R. Igor Stravinsky
S. Giuseppe Verdi
T. Richard Wagner