March Madness Contest ending appropriately April 1

Jan 3, 2015

Enter an original composition, any topic will do. The theme is silliness, fun, and madness (the good kind) just in time for April Fool's day. The wilder and stranger, the better for this contest. For my part, I am thinking of writing a one note symphony, sort of a musical penance and challenge. Only one note (different octaves are allowed) with different rhythms and volumes and instrumentation to try to keep it interesting. But you have your own ideas.
Every entrant will receive a critique from the administrator that will include positive encouragement, what is especially liked about the composition, and suggestions or advice on improvements (if any are needed). First, second, third, and honorable mention awards are given.
We are lucky to also have Admiral Bridgeport from the Music Academy for Talented Koalas and Señora Adagio Forte from the Psychobabble Music Institute assisting with the judging.
Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.