Original TV Theme Contest (Over, Winners Announced)

Jun 19, 2015

So, you want your own TV show? Sorry, can't do it. But you can join this contest where you write YOUR OWN original TV theme song or theme music along with the title and a short description of the show's idea. Due on my birthday, July 11. I may extend if highly requested.

Current Entries:
Cheesy TV Show by messer*
The Final Five by EpicZac404*
Summertime Rag by creammonster*
Mission DYDD! by chinadoll*

Half-Time Awards:
Most Likely to Be a Successful Show: Final Five by EpicZac404
Most Original TV Show Idea: Mission DYDD! by chinadoll
Most Fitting to Group Name: Cheesy TV Show by Messer
Most Catchy: Summertime Rag by creammonster
Worst Song: All of them are bad :P

3rd: Summertime Rag by creammonster
2nd: Final Five by EpicZac404
1st: Mission, wait, Cheesy TV Show by Messer! Congratulations!