Hello fellow composers!

when i first joined musescore i thought everyone were professionals. everyone was either skillfully transposing pieces of music or writing them. so glad to have found this group. i always ask my band director for advice but he's always busy. dont blame him. i've seen his paper work. my orchestra teacher does what she can, but because she doesn't work full time at my school, but for many schools, we can only conversate for like the first 5 or last 10 minutes of class. i really like making music, but sometimes I get side tracked... a lot, actually, but it's something i wanna get good at. with that said i'll be counting on you guys to help me out in my writing and stuff!

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2 years ago

Need a Mentor?

As to my understanding, a lot of people here have trouble composing (not everyone though). It's not necessarily a lack of a creative mind, but It's also the lack of musical theory and knowledge which is the main component to composing creatively.

I am advertising my services to help mentor and advise 2 people each month, of course there will be a schedule and such as well. If you don't know of any of my music or who I am, I'm a composer for Games and Films.

So here are a few examples of my work:

Piano Works

Epic Works

Please fill out this form if you're interested: (http://goo.gl/forms/hEuH4vyGT2)
(No, I'm not charging money; it's free of charge.)

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2 years ago

Tips & tricks?

I am a 13yo musician, playing violin and piano. I am trying to compose a classical piece, but it doesn't turn out the way I want it.
I don't really now how to do it, since my violin teacher isn't a composer or anything, so he can't teach me to do it. There is a girl in school who plays piano very well but she says you need 3 years of composing-experience to do it (and I started taking this seriously for about 6 moths ago) so maybe some of you have tips or a link where where I can find the 'rules' for classical music.....

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2 years ago

Teacher please!

Hello, I'm a sixteen-year-old cellist that has been composing for about 1.5 years, although I have only ever completed one piece. I had a few lessons with a teacher about a year ago and that was when I worked best. Having each lesson to work towards encouraged me to keep developing that piece and he prevented me from throwing it aside like the garbage I thought it was. It would be great if one of you would be willing to do the same.
here is that one piece. https://musescore.com/user/1745421/scores/791841

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3 years ago