Is this group dead?

That would be really sad because I am literally the biggest Les Miz fan in the world.

3 months ago

The Book

Here's a discussion for the original Les Misérables book by Victor Hugo.

5 years ago

Who cried?

It was all going so well until the end, I managed to hold it together through 'Empty Chairs'. But then, the inevitable happened. I don't want to spoil it, but when Jean walks away at the end of the film, I was gone. Did this happen to anyone else?

6 years ago

First Video Cover Project: I Dreamed a Dream

Here you can sign up (if you already haven't) for our first video cover project! We will be doing a version of "I Dreamed a Dream" with the clarinet as the melody. So far, we have (and this will be updated as we go along):
Fluteplayer on Piccolo
Rusterville on 1st flute
Nimueh on 2nd flute
iHasCheese on oboe and Bb clarinet
RandomOne666 on Bb clarinet (I think it would be most fair for him to get the melody since Cheese is playing two instruments and he's only playing one)
TheNewKid on trombone
ClassicalMusic on piano (in place of harp--I could do it as a back up if he can't)
me on bass guitar
haydenatchley on the first cello
Available parts: French horn (2 would be ideal), 3 Violins, 2 Violas, and one more cello. This is how we'll set up violins: Violinist A will play the 1st Violins part with solo parts and the 2nd violins with normal parts. Violinist B will play the 2nd Violins with solo parts and 1st Violins with normal parts. Violinist C will play both 1st and 2nd violins with normal parts.

6 years ago

Les Mis Video Cover Projects!

Recently, I've been thinking about how Les Mis has rather scant orchestration and how it wouldn't take too many people to play the songs. I know there are several attempts at video collaborations going on on this site, but perhaps we could have our own collaborations with Les Mis songs! Would anyone be interested in making a video collaboration project?

And so we're all on the same track, the original instrumentation for Les Mis is: (slashes mean the instruments are played at different times by the same person) Piccolo/Flute, Oboe/English Horn, Clarinet/Alto Sax, 2 French Horns, Trumpet/Piccolo Trumpet/ Flugelhorn, Trumpet/Piccolo Trumpet, Bass Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Harp, Guitar, Bass Guitar, 6 Violins, 2 Violas, and 2 Cellos.

6 years ago