Wiki list of LGBT composers -- a rich legacy, but who's missing?

Jan 13, 2013

Mark Adamo[6]
Thomas Adès [7]
Peter Allen, uncertain. Once married Liza Minnelli, partnered with Gregory Connell from 1973 until his own death in 1992.[4][8]
Ruth Anderson [9]
Billie Joe Armstrong


Samuel Barber [2][5][10]
Jean Barraqué, dated Michel Foucault.[5]
Eve Beglarian [2]
Leonard Bernstein[4][11]
Chester Biscardi [2]
Chris de Blasio [2]
Marc Blitzstein [1][2][3]
Konrad Boehmer [5]
Pierre Boulez [2]
David Bowie, came out as bisexual to Playboy in 1975, married Iman in 1992 and said he had been 'a closet heterosexual' in the 70's but that he does not regret it.[4][12]
Paul Bowles, though married to lesbian Jane Auer.[4][5]
Benjamin Britten (Lord Britten of Aldeburgh), partnered with singer Sir Peter Pears from 1936 till his own death in 1976.[4][13]
Sylvano Bussotti [1][5]
Madelyn Byrne [2]


John Cage [1][2]
Wendy Carlos
Roberto Carnevale [2]
Cazuza, bisexual.[4]
Aaron Copland [1][2]
John Corigliano [1][3][5]
Arcangelo Corelli [1]
Noël Coward [5]
Henry Cowell [2][5]
Conrad Cummings [2]


Peter Maxwell Davies [1][3]
David Del Tredici [1][2][5]
David Diamond [5][14][15][16]
Ani DiFranco, bisexual, she was married to Andrew Gilchrist for five years starting in 1998.[1][3]


Danielle Egnew [17]
Jade Esteban Estrada [18][19]


Gareth Farr, New Zealand classical composer who also appears in his alter ego "Lilith" in cabaret performances.[citation needed]
Gustavo "Fifi" Faz, Mexican transexual composer, well known for his naked performances and orgies with his fans. He is Carmen Salinas' current Aventurera.[citation needed]
Wolfgang Fortner [5]
Lori Freedman [2]
Charles Fussell


Serge Garant [2]
Robert John Godfrey [20]
Karel Goeyvaerts [5]
Eugene Goossens [5]
J. Lee Graham [21]
Charles Tomlinson Griffes [1][5]


Bruce Haack [22]
Reynaldo Hahn [1][5]
Rob Halford [1]
Joseph Hallman [2]
Lou Harrison [1][2]
Robert Helps [2]
Hans Werner Henze [1]
William Alden Hibbard [2]
Jennifer Higdon [2]
Lee Hoiby [2]
Jerry Hunt [2][3]
Michael Hurd (composer) [2]


Janis Ian [3]
Norman Iceberg [1]
Federico Incardona
John Ireland [5]


Willem Jeths (Dutch)
Elton John


Paula Kimper [2]
Dave Koz [23]


k.d. lang [24]
Marilyn Lerner [2]
André Éric Létourneau [2]
Annea Lockwood [2]
Jean Baptiste Lully


Mark Delgado [2]
Andy Martin [citation needed]
Jeff Marx
Richard Maxfield [citation needed]
Colin McPhee [5]
Gian Carlo Menotti [1]
Freddie Mercury [1]
George Michael [5][25]
Dimitri Mitropoulos [5]
Linda Montano [2]
Marius Moga [2]
Bob Mould [citation needed]
Zeki Müren, Turkish singer. Popular opinion holds that he was homosexual,[26] although he never made a public statement nor denial to this effect. In many ways, he had a pioneering role in rendering the Turkish society more accepting about homosexuality.[27]


Alwin Nikolais [2]

Laura Nyro


Jacob Obrecht (Flemish)
Pauline Oliveros [2]


Harry Partch [2]
Thomas Pasatieri [5]
Dominique Phinot, executed in Lyon, France for homosexuality in 1556 [28]
Daniel Pinkham [5]
Cole Porter [5]
Francis Poulenc, French composer, openly gay from his first serious relationship, that with painter Richard Chanelaire to whom he wrote, "You have changed my life, you are the sunshine of my thirty years, a reason for living and working." He also said, "You know that I am as sincere in my faith, without any messianic screamings, as I am in my Parisian sexuality."[1][3][4]


Roger Quilter [5]


Øyvind Rauset [4]
Steven Reineke
Richard Rijnvos (Dutch)
Tom Robinson [29]
Ned Rorem [1][2][4]


Camille Saint-Saens, a matter of dispute
Henri Sauguet
Franz Schubert, also a matter of dispute (
Marc Shaiman, coupled with lyricist/director Scott Wittman since 1979.[1]
Sławek Słarosta [4]
Dame Ethel Smyth [1]
Jimmy Somerville [3][4]
Stephen Sondheim [1][5]
Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji [2]
William Thomas Strayhorn [1]
Conrad Susa [5]
Sylvester [4]
Karol Szymanowski [1]


Adam Taylor
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky[1][3][5]
Michael Tilson Thomas[1]
Virgil Thomson[1][2]
Phil Thurston
Nurit Tilles[2]
Sir Michael Tippett, of his one time partner painter Wilfred Franks Tippett wrote, "Meeting with Wilf was the deepest, most shattering experience of falling in love; and I am quite certain that it was a major factor underlying the discovery of my own individual musical voice...all that love flowed out in the slow movement of my First String Quartet. He was partnered with Meirion Bowen until his own death in 1998.[1][4]
Hordur Torfason[4]


Claude Vivier [30]


Rufus Wainwright [1]
Ben Weber [2][3][5]
Malcolm Williamson [1]
Jason Woodruff
Charles Wuorinen [5]