Nov 7, 2017

I know I just joined this group, but if you say "help wanted for a video game OST" I'll always be sure to pitch in, at least somewhat.
But anyway, I'm somewhat concerned about one thing: Keeping the music coherent. Now that doesn't mean the music all has to be the same style; in fact, it would probably work better if it were a mix of styles. What I mean is matching it to the plot (which we don't have yet).
If the music in a game doesn't match the intended tone of an area or a plot point, it can come off as really strange or lazily put together. Just think of what the original Mario would have been like if there were a funeral march playing in the background...
So, the way I see it, we have two alternatives at this point. One, we can write a plot and then compose pieces specifically to fit it; or two, we can gather a bunch of random pieces and write a plot they would all fit into based off of their various styles. The one thing that can only end in disaster is continuing to compose random pieces and then slapping a random, unrelated plot on top and calling the OST "done."
(Incidentally, if you need any help with the plot, I am something of a writer...)


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