Just another stupid story idea

Nov 10, 2017

Story Idea: I credit the first part to Œnanthic

So our protagonist lives in a small town on the edge of a giant salt desert. The desert is so big that it's difficult to cross (it takes at least four or five days to walk across at its narrowest point), but traders are routinely forced to travel through it to reach a major city located on the other side. Thus, the protagonist's hometown has become something of a trading post, with people from all over meeting up there to prepare for the trip across the desert. Many legends are told among these traders, one of the most prominent being that somewhere out in the desert there's a giant city filled with riches. Our protagonist is barely scraping by and therefore decides to set out with their friend to find the city and become rich.
My part: When our protagonist reaches the city he finds that only a master of the elements can unlock the temple of power (the temple that holds the treasures). Our protagonist and his friend (playable as P2) are distraught revising that there is no way to gain the riches. Finally when the pair deside to return home they remember another legend one of the traders told them. The legend went something like this “some in the east, some in the south, that’s where the gems thrive. For the power they give is beyond our dreams and only a reality to the gods.” After search different areas in the game (by searching around the desert zone) our protagonist will find different towns/areas related to the elemental gem they hold. Once the protagonist finds all the gems he returns to the city to unlock the temples door. BUT, the gods are infuriated at your attempt to match their power. *Commence boss battle* you fight 3 gods (they each have different powers). Once you finally win the battle you collect your reward. You also get access to a real time adventure mode where you can adventure with other people in a server.

I honestly don’t know if you guys will like this idea or not, but it’s the best I can do. Tell me what you think of it. I’ll revise it if you give me critique.


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