Dream of Apocalypse
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Dream of Apocalypse

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Other Woodwinds, Flute, Trombone, French Horn, Piano(3), Organ, Harp, Strings(4), Cello(2), Contrabass, Percussion(4), Timpani(2)
Hi! Here is a WIP composition I have been working on during the last weeks and on which I'd like to have some feedbacks :) I really had a story in my mind when I was writing this music so I'll try to add a little text on in when it'll be ready.

Viola Sonata in C Major (collaboration) - 1st Movement by marcus1000

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Viola, Piano
Composed as part of a collaborative work with 2 (actually 3, wasn't expecting Mr. Peabody to be involved lol) other great composers, here's the 1st movement of the Viola Sonata! (composed by me)

YouTube link to this mvt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CToQx6-kFuU

Here's the (eventual) form of the Sonata:
Mvt.1 - Introduction: Moderato - Allegro - Vivace by marcus1000 (C major)

Mvt.2 - (slow mvt) by marcus1000 (WIP, currently non-existent)

Mvt.3 - Scherzo Burlesque by I Eat Toothpaste and Mr. Peabody (D minor) (Completed)

Mvt.4 - ('aggressive') by Non but the tasty tarts can be my breakfast by Tchaikovsky (C major) (WIP)


I believe it'll be helpful that I explain the structure of this movement:

Introduction (1-25)
Pretty self-explanatory; consisting of a slow Moderato part, followed by a faster Allegro part, which will also be the main tempo of this movement.

Exposition (26-84)

Introduction of thematic motif at 26 -29, which consists of 2 significant motifs; the cadential semiquaver (16th) motif at 26, and the dotted rhythm at 27. At 33, syncopation is introduced. The motifs, especially the rhythmic motifs, would continue to be exploited throughout the expo.

Second theme introduced, followed by some madness, before entering a nice finish in the codetta at 76, which reuses the semiquaver motif.

Development (85-175)

Starts off with an unexpected, fiery passage that soon lead to a varied form of the Allegro introduction part, with a slightly 'jazzy' twist. At 115, the music turns into a fugue (not really an actual fugue, maybe only the beginning can be called a fugue) which draws motifs from the Exposition.

Also included is a brief cameo by Beethoven :P (quite obvious)

Recapitulation (176-244)

Self-explanatory. Basically the Exposition but with added elements, and also that it 'modulates back' to C major.

Also, another (similar) cameo by Beethoven.

Coda (245-end)

Starts off with an extended, calm Moderato section which provides a suitable break and contrast from the hectic nature of the sonata, which is derived from the (almost forgotten) slow passage from the Introduction. A surprise Vivace attack in 274 brings the piece to an exhilarating coda, with the final appearance of the thematic motif, along with the opening chords of the Intro, in 290-293 before the movement finally ends with 299 bars.

Feel free to comment and critique! Any feedback would be much appreciated :)

Shostakovich Prelude in Db Major - arr. Brass Band (Updated) (with custom audio!!!)

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Strings(5), Bass(4), French Horn(2), Voice(2), Trumpet, Trombone, Brass Ensemble(3), Percussion
<UPDATE> I've finally created my YouTube channel! Do check this piece out on YouTube here :P --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWsl6CEBq7Q

Heard this piece recently, and felt that it'll sound great with brasses:)

It's my first time dealing with the brass band so please critique and comment if you can!

I've replaced the audio with the 'Symphonic Sounds' soundfont, which can be found here --> https://musescore.org/en/node/151316

If you downloaded this score, you might notice that the audio would not render the correct instruments. This is because the soundfont I'm using have the instrument sounds placed in different channels from default. You could fix this problem manually by opening the 'Mixer' menu in MuseScore. :)

Anticipation (2019)

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Clarinet, Piano
UPDATE - This score is now available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQUr-dvAJb4

A lovely Andante for Bb Clarinet+Piano. This piece illustrates one's eager and optimistic outlook for the future as they pursue their dreams, despite the challenges and uncertainties they may face along the way.

Please feel free to feedback and critique my work! (I'm still learning!!) All feedback and criticisms are much appreciated:)

Purchase score here (with parts) - https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/anticipation-for-clarinet-and-piano-easy-digital-sheet-music/21188969?ac=1
Lumiรจre argentรฉe
Custom audio

Lumiรจre argentรฉe

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Piano, Synthesizer
Lumiรจre argentรฉe - Silver Light
I recently got obsessed with the concept of echo v. reverb, and I wondered what I could do with a piece if it had 100% reverb. (In the synth settings)
I think this was pretty good for exploring a new sound world, and the name was from how I thought the beginning sounded.

For me, silver is either two things, very fast, or a shiny/sparkly sound

It's in french just because.

IT'S COMPLETE!!!! Enjoy this monster of a 10 minute work. (Feels more like a piano concertino or something)
Enjoy! :D