One Minute Jazz
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One Minute Jazz

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GUYS I WROTE SOMETHING JAZZY! I actually love this so much.
I have close to no idea of jazz theory but I think I managed well here :D

One minute Jazz written in less than an hour :p

Anyways, Enjoy! ^-^
Break It Out [MB Arrangement]
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Break It Out [MB Arrangement]

13 parts24 pages01:454 months ago100 views
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion(3)
This is the final version, I'm pretty sure, sorry for the spammy uploads

Story of Mind - My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!)

4 parts3 pages01:274 months ago141 views
Piano, Cello, Violin, Contrabass
Change audio source to hear the real thing for comparison!

Story of Mind from My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!)
This piece as well as what I deemed the "Love Theme" (Itsumo Tonari De) really caught my attention and I felt the need to transcribe them once I saw nobody had done it yet. Enjoy!

Scherzo sarcastique

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This piece was inspired by Prokofiev's Scherzo op 12 no 10. It is meant to be a fun and difficult etude instead of a serious musical piece.

Hayato S. - Jump Up, Superstar! (Piano)

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NOTE: this is supposed to have a soundfont but you only get default until i can fix whatever issue won't let me use it


and also the most fun and i'm most proud of this

anyways thanks

Original video:

Putting tags in description so they show up in search results vvv

Jump Up, Superstar
Super Mario Odyssey
Hayato S.
Space-Port Invasion - Theme

Space-Port Invasion - Theme

32 parts22 pages04:082 years ago15,572 views
Flute(2), Piano(6), French Horn(2), Trumpet(2), Trombone(2), Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(7), Bass, Strings(5), Cello, Voice, Synthesizer
CONTEXT: This is the unofficial theme to an unofficially titled videogame that TheCodeCrafter and his team are making.

I'm sorry if the score looks funny. As I have mentioned before: Sibelius and Musescore don't go well together xD
Enjoy! :)

Work In Progress

10 parts6 pages01:134 months ago53 views
Piano(3), Percussion(4), Bass(3)
Hi! Here is a WIP composition. I really don't know how to name it so a little help would be welcome :)

Take Me Out

5 parts22 pages04:364 months ago624 views
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion
Okay, I'M DONE with experimental music! I'm bringing this channel to some more head banging vibes so here's Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand on their debut self-titled album. Hope you enjoi.

1/2/2019 - Created more counter-melody for the Alto and the Tenor

Rightfully - Goblin Slayer OP

8 parts14 pages01:314 months ago1,239 views
Flute, Violin(2), Viola, Cello(2), Contrabass, Percussion
Rightfully the opening song from the anime Goblin Slayer. This tune is an absolute banger in the second half and the opening is great. Pretty epic piece overall.

The custom audio is glitched out for me right now, so the timing is slightly off and I cannot fix it.

Broken Mind

2 parts4 pages01:435 months ago271 views
Here is a piano piece I wrote few months ago!
It's suppose to be about some kind of mad artist or hero. I first published this song on my not pro account but I finally decided to put it here as now I want it to stay public :)

A Day in the Life (1,000 Followers Special)

7 parts41 pages04:045 months ago518 views
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion, Sound effects(2)

So, it's finally here. 1,000 followers. More people follow me on Musescore than on Facebook and Instagram combined! More people follow me on Musescore than a large high school gym can hold! If this were my high school, 1/3 of the school would follow me and my whole school of 3,000 would have watched my scores 12x over! I have nearly the same amount of followers that a small town can hold in the U.S, and even of, the Vatican City. I can't believe how huge this channel became for me. I literally wrote about you all in my college essays! This 1,000 followers special NEEDED to be celebrated with a bang and I couldn't think of any other way than to celebrate it with one of, if not, the greatest song of all time! A Day in the Life by The Beatles! I've worked EXTREMELY hard to give all of you this gift of my appreciation for all you have done for me throughout these 5 years of creating music.

Thank you to Jeffery, Astrid, George, Patric, and all the other contributors/features that contribute to my music, but most important, thank you for changing my life for the better. Love you all! - Mr. Sax-O-Beat
Christmas Time Is Here - Sax Quartet (Alternate Audio Source Included!)
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Christmas Time Is Here - Sax Quartet (Alternate Audio Source Included!)

4 parts3 pages01:285 months ago1,129 views
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Had to slightly edit the sheets of an amazing arrangement of this song by Ralph Martin and performed beautifully in this video!

I would use my own audio, but musescore is being difficult as usual and won't let me play my score for no reason unless I use an alternate audio source

I'm playing this in our school's sax quartet :D

Putting tags in description below so they come up in search results vvvvv

Christmas Time is here
Saxophone Quartet
Lee Mendelson
Vince Guaraldi

Ball and Biscuit [Lost Score]

6 parts26 pages07:369 months ago239 views
Tenor Saxophone, Guitar(4), Percussion


How was it lost? So, I was cleaning my computer because I believed someone was spying on me through my cam (long story). I wanted to backup all my music that I made for Musescore so I did. I had it all on a little folder, and also, I searched on the "My PC" tab for any files of music that I left out (I wanted to be sure) and I found a dozen of lost music that I thought I lost for forever! Half were unfinished and the other half were just lost and ready to be uploaded! It crazy to have found these!! ❤ I'm going to be uploading them now and then.



The story of how Ball and Biscuit came to be was (If I recall correctly) back when I was still Mr. Sax-O-Beat & Co with my friends Jeffery and Astrid. We all loved their album "Elephant" and we wanted to do something other that Seven Nation and we did this. Now trust me, this was VERY complicated and stressful to do. Jack is a genius when it came to this. It's unbelievable. So, we went to work and the troubling part was the vocals. It's hard to match White's vocals with notes because he talks and sings the notes in the same phrase so I apologize in advance if any licks sounds funny to you. I tried my best on the vocals, but Jeffery (the guitarist arranger) did a fantastic job at earing the rhythm and solos to the song and also Astrid for adding the drums in.


If I remember correctly, this was around late 2016 to early 2017 when we made this arrangement. HEADPHONES ARE RECOMMENDED. I truly hope you enjoi and remember to comment down below what you think. Remember to stay saxy! 🎷🤘 I'll see you guys soon 😁

If you guys are watching this, jeffery and Astrid, I found it. All our hard work paid off! 🙂


14 parts5 pages01:095 months ago344 views
Percussion(2), Strings(7), Violin, Flute, Tuba, Timpani(2)
I've been going through a long composer's block those weeks but I finally manage to write something!
It's the first time I use a logic so I tried not to write something too sophisticated. Feedback is appreciated :)