Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course

Sep 21, 2018

After many months of work, I am thrilled to launch my newest resource: Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course.  With more than nine hours of video instruction divided into over one hundred lessons, this is the most comprehensive training on MuseScore you will find anywhere.  The course follows the general outline of my acclaimed guide Mastering MuseScore, but the cost of the course is less than that of the physical book, making it an incredible value as well!

I am announcing this launch here in order to give my followers a chance to enroll now and take advantage of the early-bird pricing option, which I am extending for just a few more days.  Next week I will start promoting the course more widely, and the early-bird pricing will fly away :-).

If you are an educator or school administrator, I encourage you to consider becoming a MuseScore Educational Partner
and sponsoring enrollments for your entire institution at a hugely discounted rate (we're talking about as little as a dollar per student)!


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