Quick Answers

Over on the companion site Mastering MuseScore Online, I have been developing a set of "Quick Answers" to help people with specific tasks in MuseScore. So far I've got  over twenty of them.  Eventually I hope to find ways of making these more easily accessible from this site, but for now, I'll just post links here in discussions.


a year ago

Doubles and Trebles

Hi All, newby here,
    I am trying to write a nocturne from John Field, I have the piano part and using muescore 2 I am writing the Melody line to play on my flute. I'm not sure of the number of the Nocturne but it's annotated "Cantabile assai lento".
At bar 18 there are the beginning of lots for dotted doubles and trebles, but when I put them into the music they join!, so I end up with a thumping big run with 2s and 3s written above it, also when bar 18 starts there is a quaver then a dotted double but as soon as I add the double it joins with the quaver. What am I doing wrong?


a year ago

How does one unhide scores?

I save some of my MuseScore files online but make them private so I could access them while I'm on my phone, but I realized that doing so made my public scores hidden. I tried to fix this problem by just re-uploading the score as a different one. Is there another way to make my hidden scores public again or do I just re-upload them?

a year ago

Mastering MuseScore Online

My name is Marc Sabatella, and you may know me as the author of the comprehensive guide Mastering MuseScore, or as the composer of the song Reunion that was long used as the demo for MuseScore, or as one of the developers of the software and a frequent contributor to the forums on musescore.org.

Today, I am excited to formally announce my new position as Director of Education for MuseScore and the launch of my new website, Mastering MuseScore Online – the ultimate resource for learning the world’s most popular music notation software!


In conjunction with the website, I have created a new Mastering MuseScore group to provide a better place to ask for help here on musescore.com:


Please take a few moments to browse around the new website and join the group!  In addition to the book itself, we offer a variety of free content as well as premium courses.  We have big plans to continue to expand on these offerings, so we hope you bookmark the site and keep coming back for more!

a year ago