Write A Theme

 I would like to propose a challenge. below is a progression of quarter notes, for the progression I would like you to write a melody that compliments it. the easiest way to do this would be to write in d-minor, but by knowing the community, I know you can do better. you may write in any time signature, speed or key signature that you would like (keeping the original progressions intervals the same). once you are done writing the melody please write in the chords that you used than submit in the comments.  


11 months ago

Hi again

I have apologised enough for not keeping this group up to date. I would just like you all to know that not only do I have exams soon, but I am studying for around 7 hours a day, and so cannot keep up with social media as it is quite frankly the least of my concerns. I will revive this group when I have both the time and the heads pace. Please do not take it upon yourself to become an honorary admin or start your own competitions without even emailing me. I hope you all understand.

a year ago


I am so so sorry that this group died. I've had several family bereavements in the past few months and I really wish to get the contests up and running again. I will be judging #10 ASAP and rebooting future contests. I'm incredibly sorry to you all.

a year ago

MCCHQ #10- Electro Groove

Write an original piece in the style of EDM, electronic, house, or anything in that similar style. It can be for any ENSEMBLE (more than one instrument please) and must contain a solo for an instrument at some point during the song. It can be any length, for any instruments and any number of instruments (2+). The rest is up to you! Have fun, the deadline is May 29th

2 years ago

MCCHQ #9 Winner (and updates!)

Huge apologies that the group hasn't been active much recently, but I plan to change that. Please check out all recent discussions regarding new contests and give them a go! We will now be taking suggestions for contests, so please post them below.

Seen as @Dekkadeci was the only one that achieved the criteria in #9 contest, he/she automatically qualifies as the winner (though it was brilliant, so well done). 

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas!

Cl4rin3t and SubparTrombonist

a year ago

MCCHQ #11 - Musical transformation

Hi all! Apologies that this group has not been active for a while as I have been incredibly busy, but I am now keen for it to pick up! And I hope this next contest will be a fun one.

So, for #11, choose your favourite scene from a movie, and compose a piece to turn it into a musical! This music needs to perfectly describe the scene, and incorporate the basic themes of the dialogue, possibly making them rhyme or create a singing style. Use different instruments to convey the sound of everyone's voices. You can choose any (appropriate) movie, and any (appropriate scene) - let's keep it PG. Good luck!

Deadline is May 30th

a year ago

Is this group dead?

It seems as if due to a lack of activity and engagement in this group it has died. I hope this doesn't happen. I'd like to do everything in my power to cease the impending tidal wave of doom approaching this group.

a year ago

MCCHQ #9- Challenger Approaching (and #6 updates)

Hey all, I'd like to introduce my first contest to this group: MCCHQ #9, otherwise known as "Challenger Approaching"! Unlike previous contests that challenged you to compose your own piece based on a certain subject, this contest will test your arranging skills!

The rules of this contest are simple: Choose a song (or songs) from your favorite video game and make an arrangement in a different musical style. I know it's not a new idea, but I've always enjoyed listening to vgm covers and comparing them to the originals. I think that this will spotlight some of our members who are more accustomed to writing arrangements than composing original works.

Now I know that not everyone plays video games, so if you're short on content I would recommend taking a look at some Pokémon and Legend of Zelda soundtracks, as they boast a wide stylistic variety. You should also check out insaneintherainmusic, as he does a wonderful job of playing around the melody and making it fit within the style.

Deadline is February 28, 2018 at 23:59 PST. Please ensure that the title of your arrangement matches that of the original song so that I can compare them. It would also be helpful to me if you could put the game of origin in the subtitle or description. To enter, add your score to the group and paste the link in a comment on this discussion. Good luck, everyone!

I'm very sorry that the MCCHQ #6 results aren't out yet. There were a lot of entries and this is one of my busiest times of the year, but I am hoping that I'll have time to finish listening to them and get the results to y'all soon after this week. Thanks for being patient!

2 years ago

#9 Reminder

Hey everyone, remember that the dealine for MCCHQ #9 is coming up in less than a week, so get those entries finished up and submitted soon!

a year ago

MCCHQ 8 results!

Before I go ahead and announce the winner I would just like to say how difficult these contests are becoming to judge! Its amazing the amount of people who now take part, and to see how my little idea a few months ago has taken off. Thank you all so much!

So the winner is....

Congratulations, this was an incredible suite. You obviously know so much about the composers and how they structure their pieces, if you had told me these pieces were originals from the composers they were based upon, I would have believed you! I came to this conclusion after a heck of a lot of contemplation, as they were all beyond belief. So congratulations, and well done to you all!

2 years ago

Reminder for #8

Hey all, I’m sorry that I haven’t been quite as active as usual, mostly due to my tablet malfunctioning and my being out of town, but I’d like the remind you that all entries for MCCHQ #8 are due tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST. We will try to get these evaluated and the winner announced in a timely manner this time around, so expect results within a few days!

2 years ago

MCCHQ #8- The Suite (Read FULL description)

So for over the new year, your task is to make a suite that depicts something that you can symbolise in music. Write a 3+ movement suite, each movement representing something individual but that fits with the rest of the suite. This suite can't just be 3+ pieces all in different keys etc, but has to represent something real. Now by this I mean something like the seasons (1 movement per season) or scenes from a book in the order they happen, or scenes in your day...it's pretty much up to you. Please make sure you explain each movement in the description. This can just be:
1. Spring
2. Summer etc etc

Or can be:
1. I fell out of bed, eyes still half closed, my mind focused on nothing but coffee. After wearily pulling on some clothes, almost forgetting my keys, I sprinted for the bus leaving in seconds.
2. At work.... etc etc....

Make sense? You can either upload each piece separately, create a set of them and leaving a link to the SET below, or you can upload them all as one piece with definite breaks between each of the movements. If you have a pro account it might be better to upload them all separately.

THE DEADLINE IS THE 31ST JANUARY 2018. I'm giving you all longer for this one as it is definitely more work. Each movement can include different instruments and can be in different keys, tempo, time sigs etc. Have fun with this one and good luck!

2 years ago

MCCHQ #6 and #7 results

Apologies that these results are so late.

The MCCHQ #7 winner is pretty obvious, as there was only one entry, so congratulations Derp_29! It was a fantastic piece and so inventive and creative.

And the MCCHQ #6 winner is...... Skylighter! With his wonderful piece Iridescence. It's such a beautiful, moving piece and is definitely deserving of the #6 title. Thank you to all the other entries though and it was such a tough decision, we pondered over it for a LONG time.

2 years ago

MCCHQ #6- Free reign!

This is your opportunity to shine! You can do any composition you want! I'm sure we'll have many entries for this, as I'm sure nearly everyone in this group will have something they can already submit. There are no rules, except it has to be original. Good luck!


2 years ago

MCCHQ #7- your Christmas piece!

So I know it's still only October but the DEADLINE IS 25TH DECEMBER 2017. Have fun with this challenge and write your own Christmas tune! It can be about anything to do with Christmas, a family tradition, playing outside in the snow, how you hate Christmas if you do, or how you will be spending Christmas if you don't celebrate it...anything. The only condition is that IT HAS TO HAVE LYRICS! It can be for as many instruments as you like, but it has to have words that fit well to a rhythm. Good luck and have fun!

2 years ago

Quick Update

Hey guys, I’m so sorry that we haven’t gotten the MCCHQ #6 results back to y’all yet. I’m currently at a ski resort so I hardly have any time to log on, but I’ll be home this weekend and will start going through the submissions then. Thank you all for being so patient, and don’t forget to get your Christmas pieces in!

2 years ago

I'm back!

Hi all. After taking a short break I am back to help judge again and set up contests. I would like to give a massive thanks to TheBestTrombonist for doing a fab job managing the HQ while I was gone! So I just wanted to say hello again and that I will be back to help run this place. Thanks!

2 years ago

MCCHQ #5 Winner

Though there weren't many, we had some very robust entries for this competition. Everybody did a wonderful job, but @TardisWitchPanem took the cake with their piece, "All the Wrong Questions". Everything from the simple yet powerful melodies to the diverse stylistic variation blew us away. I'd highly recommend taking a listen, so...hold on, let me find the link...A-HA! Click riiiiight here: https://musescore.com/ifyouareadingthisyouareamazing/scores/4815416

If you submitted a score for this contest and would like some detailed feedback, please leave a comment on this post stating so and I'll send you a message. Once again, great work to all who entered!

2 years ago

MCCHQ #5-your favourite book theme


So...choose your favourite book or story (not one that has been made into a film) and write a theme or medley of themes for it. You might write a theme for a particular character or characters, or a key event. Be sure to tell us in the description of the score what the title of the book is and who the author is. The score can be for any number of instruments and can be as long as you want.

2 years ago