Theory Prompt #4

Aug 1, 2018

4. Write a piece using only the stereotypical four-chord progression used in pop music (I V vi IV). You may either: A) find a way to spice it up and actually make it interesting or B) give it lyrics and make a parody of modern pop.

Things to Consider:
If you are trying to spice up the four-chord progression, consider – how might you be able to do that? Might you make some of the chords a little more interesting (i.e. making a V chord a V7 chord or turning a regular triad into a sus2 chord)? Or might you put the chord progression into a minor key instead?
Can you mess around with the melody and make it as melodically interesting as possible, unlike a lot of pop nowadays?
If you are making fun of modern pop, consider – how might you do that both lyrically and musically? Can you write horrible lyrics insulting pop, or maybe lyrics that take the cliché generic love stories of most pop to another level?
Can you make the music as simplistic as possible, with as few differing pitches/notes as possible, as a lot of pop music now does?

Required Tags: MusiComp Prompts, MCP Week #4, MCP Theory Prompt #4

Theory Prompt #4 Judging Deadline: August 15, 2018 [only two weeks this time, guys!]

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