Concept Prompt #7

Sep 15, 2018

7. Rome. (credit to @Okely Dokely)

Things to Consider:
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Rome? Ancient Rome, back in its days of splendor and conquest? Or perhaps the crumbling remnants that it is today?
Research Rome. What was something important to their culture or something that they impacted? Religion, perhaps? Gladiators, or maybe architecture? Maybe you could portray these through your music?
Were there any musical styles that were popular during the great Roman Empire? Or is there any style of music that you associate with them that you could incorporate?
Please use the description of the piece to explain how you chose to portray Rome, so I can judge how accurate the music is in relation.

Required Tags: MusiComp Prompts, MCP Week #7, MCP Concept Prompt #7

Concept Prompt #7 Judging Deadline: September 22, 2018 [only one week this time, guys!]

Comment questions and submissions below! Good luck! :)


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