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I can't believe it! I'm about to hit 50 followers (only need 7 more)! I know that it isn't mush, but it is something right? Tell if you would like to see an original composition, or an arrangement of a song you like. I'm going to take probably 3-5 ideas so choose wisely as I'm putting this discussion in all the groups I'm in.

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[CANCELED] Musical Dreamers Competition Two: Final Boss [CANCELED]

You’ve beaten all the minions, conquered all of the mini-bosses, looted all the secret passages; and now you stand before the final door. Pushing the door open, you step into a large, silent arena.

Suddenly, a low rumble. The ground shakes. Dirt and pebbles bounce around the floor. The silence is broken by the roar of the final boss.

Then the music kicks in.

And that’s where you come in.

Literally and figuratively.

In this competition, your task is to compose a final boss theme… for yourself. It can be any sort of theme, intense and loud, quiet and eerie, whatever, but it must feel like a final boss (That’s what the theme category is going to be, if your composition feels like just a regular minion battle, then you’re gonna lose points). Your composition should be at least one “stage” of a boss fight, but most final boss fights have at least 3 stages, each getting harder and harder. Also, you should probably write a fanfare type thing for the introduction.

In terms of prizes, this competition is a bit different:
- Winner:
----- Bragging Rights
----- A portrait for your score of you (or just your profile picture) as a pixel art final boss.
- Everyone (including winner):
----- A full score breakdown
----- A critique of the composition (privately sent/shared unless otherwise told)

Requirements for the score:
- Should have a fanfare before the actual song
- Give yourself a title, FOR EXAMPLE
--- Kraetor, Destroyer of Worlds
--- Jeff, Eater of Souls
--- John, Living Meme
- MUST have [MDC2] in the title, or I won’t count it
- Description should have a short (couple sentence) description of what you as a boss look like (like, physical description)

Okay maybe not the last one

Due date is DEC. 4th. Yes, it is a long way off, but that is so everyone has time to make their boss theme EPIC.

Good Luck!

Final Bosses:
- DaKook
- Video Game Composer14
- Asian_Plays_YT
- The Curious Guy
- Œnanthic
- Noah Gorman
- adam-t-starkey

Respond in the comments to join, as per the usual.


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Rules [New Members, Please Read]

I wish we could be lawless, but we kinda have to have rules... If I miss anything that you think should be included, then just reply to this discussion with the suggestion.

Discussion Rules:
-Use proper grammar (please, it takes like 1/2 a second more to type "you" instead of "u". This also includes capitalization and punctuation.)

-No Profanity.

-No Bigotry (Racism, Sexism, Radicalism of any kind, any form of exclusion, etc.).

-Debating a topic is fine, however, arguments are not.

-Keep critique constructive, but honest.
---Don't just say "good job", but also don't just say "THAT SUCKS"
---Acceptable criticism example:
-----"I enjoyed your piece, however, I think that the chord at [insert measure] sounds a bit odd in the progression." (again, that's an example, not the exact format.
---Unacceptable criticism (if meant seriously)
-----"You should stop doing music, because this piece sucks. I've never heard something worse. And that one progression was disgusting." (Again, if you, as a member of this group, say this seriously to anyone, member or not, you will be banned.)

-Do your research before you talk. Please. That way, no one looks stupid.

-Be Nice. It's not that hard.


Posting Rules:
-Only creative, inspiring, and/or storytelling pieces.

-If the piece's story or idea is obscure, then putting your interpretation of the story in the description is perfectly fine.

-Any arrangements will be removed. No arrangements, unless they are of your own song.
---Medleys count as arrangements too!

-Keep critique towards other member's pieces constructive.

-Keep titles, tags, and descriptions PG-13 (a bit of vulgarity is allowed, but keep it sane).

-Please keep in mind beliefs and tolerate everyone's beliefs.
---Tolerance does not mean that everyone is right. Tolerance
---means that everyone is willing to admit that other people
---could be right and you could be WRONG. Please keep that in
---mind before adding a score like "MY GOD IS THE ONLY GOD
---AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG" to this group :)

-No double uploading.

-Respect other's work and copyright laws.

But, most importantly: Have fun, and dream on!

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Competitions Coming Soon! [Judging Rubric]

Here is the judging rubric, along with short explanations of each category.

Musicality (10 points)
- This is stuff like variations of rhythms and chords, chord structures, etc.

Originality (10 points)
- This one should be obvious. If you copy someone, it’s an instant disqualification, and if it’s a remix or an arrangement it will definitely have a lot of points docked off of this category.

Professionalism/Maturity of Technique (10 points)
- This is how mature your compositional technique is. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that you HAVE to follow music theory rules, but it does mean that your composition shouldn’t sound like a first grader trying to play hot cross buns on a piano.

Visual (10 points)
- Visual is made of two subcategories of 5 points, Cleanliness and Presentation. Cleanliness includes keeping the score readable and, well, clean looking. Presentation is things like having a title, the composer name, and a picture and such.

Theme (variable, but likely 10 points)
- This is how well it fulfills the theme, if there is one.

Total: 50 points

- Late Submission: 2 points for every day late
- Over general time limit: 1 point per minute over
- Trying to throw the competition in any way, shape, or form: Instant disqualification
- Copying someone else's score: Instant disqualification

I'll be posting the competition soon, so spread the word to your friends!

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[MDC1] Scores

It's basically 12:00, so unless anyone wants to object and turn in something (which won't be penalized as late, here are the scores (y'all turned in everything so fast, I had enough spare time to judge everything).


Comments will be sent out individually to everyone, and if you don't have the message feature set up on Musescore, send me a message if you want critique.

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Musical Dreamers Competition One: Nature {CLOSED}

The first competition's theme is nature. This can be just a song that's like a walk in the woods, or based on a native american folk tale or such.

The theme points will be for faithfulness to the story. If I can't tell that it's a walk through the forests, or whatnot, then you'll lose points in that category.

Competition Specific Rules:
- Any instruments, any genres, just keep it original
- Keep compositions at a reasonable length (at most 10 minutes, I ain't got time to listen to some 30 minute composition).
- Compositions must be at least 1 and a half minutes long.
- Scores must have [MDC1] in the title (Ex. "[MDC1] T H I S I S M Y S C O R E T I T L E", and be submitted to this group.
- All scoring will be based on the rubric (https://musescore.com/groups/lucidityislame/discuss/4743906)

THE SUBMISSION PERIOD ENDS NOV 2, at 12:00 at night, my time (I live in Delaware [east coast US time]). Compositions MUST stay online and submitted to the group until I announce the winners.

In order to join, comment on this discussion with something like "I'm joining" or "I'm down" or "I shall joineth this competition of musical composition skill"

(fun fact, the submission period ends a day after my birthday lol)

- Winner:
----- Bragging Rights (sort of)
- Everyone (including winner):
----- A full score breakdown
----- A critique of the composition (privately sent/shared unless otherwise told)

Current Competitors:
- NickPianoMan
- Derp29
- Isaac Glover
- mnmwert
- Asian_Plays_YT

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NO posting arrangements (this includes transcriptions, and all other types of music that aren't original)! I will remove them if I see them show up as soon as I see them.

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Should we do some competitions now? I have a few ideas for us to try out, if anyone wants to participate.

The ideas include:
-Midi Drawing Competition
------See Andrew Huang's video called GLORIOUS MIDI UNICORN
------for reference.
-Storytelling Competition
------For this, you turn in both an original story, and a piece that
------tells that story musically.
-Just a general competition
------Just a regular old competition.
-Story-to-Music Competitions
------Taking a story that is pre-written, and turning it into your
------interpretation of the story.

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Welcome to Musical Dreamers! Tell your personal musical story on this thread. Whether you're self taught, taught by a professional, or just want to learn, anyone is welcome and accepted here!

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Help grow this group!

Feel free to invite your friends and have them invite their friends! I'd love to have enough people to do competitions. Anyone who joins gets a shoutout on this thread.

Current Member Count: x, a real number

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