Video Game Soundtrack

As many already know, I have recently been constructing a video game with my friend, using C++, for those of you who are interested. Here are some of the songs written for it:
60 Seconds and Counting
Snow Terrain

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6 years ago

Aeriad Soundtrack--Edited!


Now, I'm constructing the complete soundtrack. I'm gonna post the name of all of the songs, then give a link to the ones that I have posted on MuseScore!

Here are all of the songs currently posted on MuseScore that are for the Aeriad Soundtrack:

Aeriad Theme: (
Departure: (
Watch Your Back!: (
Torture School: (
Tour of the School: (
The Paper Airplane Wars: (Song not yet posted)
Meet Barnes: (
Afflictions: (Song not yet posted)
He Heard Us: (Song not yet posted)

--Song order is undecided--

Money Talks (A Little Bit): (
Never Lose Hope: (
Over the Tide: (

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6 years ago