In Class Music

What are your favorite songs you have played over the years in your school bands? If you can send the title, arranger, composer, publisher, etc. I want to recreate them for you with a bit of improvisation mixed in as well.

2 years ago

Instrumental Range: Questions

I wanted some advice concerning the range of horns in concert band, in an effort to not write anything ridiculously hard. If you do a quick google search (which I have done), you can find the note ranges for each instrument, but I would like to know what is actually playable by an average high school band student. (because I know that you can technically achieve some notes on instruments but non-professional players can't always reach them with good tone.)

What is the average note range for the average high school band student on the following instruments:
French horn
Bari Sax

If any of you play any of these instruments or have considerable knowledge about them, please comment on this post!! Thanks!!!!!

a year ago

Music is ____.

What is music to you? Post what you think here!

Clearly, music is important to everyone on here because you write it. But music means something different to everyone.

I would love to know what y'all think about music and it's importance.

I'll start:

Music is life. I have a different song that comes to mind for every emotion or situation I am in. Music gets me through the hard times, and helps me celebrate the happy times. Music is there through everything, and it's the soundtrack to my life.

2 years ago


So on some other groups they seem to have competitions...
I've never really done one before, so I don't really know how this works, but I wanted to see if anyone is interested.

If anyone has any ideas for a competition theme or any tips (how to start, choosing themes, how to do submissions, judging of winners, etc.) for how we do this, please feel free to contribute. If everyone wants to, we could do one just to try it and then see how it goes.

I look forward to hearing from y'all!!!

2 years ago

Band Puns!!

So y'all are going to hate me for this...

But I think it's time to take a stand.

If I keep going on like this, I know I might get in treble. But I think my joke is pretty sharp.

2 years ago

Arrangements and ideas

hey guys, so I just added my first full arrangement to this group. I want to know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for a new piece to arrange or new ideas for a composition! note: I only arrange jazz, so no pop.

2 years ago

Advice for my Arrangement

Hey, I just joined this group and I wanted to get some feedback on my last arrangement for full orchestra. It's a fantasy vs. sci-fi medley featuring themes from Star Wars, The Hobbit, etc. Any advice on how to improve transitions, how to make parts easier, and anything else is welcome. Since I play the violin, I have a bit of a hard time gauging the difficulty of woodwind and brass parts (though some of the string parts could probably be cleaned up too).

I would also be down for any suggestions for other arrangements!

2 years ago

I am thinking about writing some arrangements of pop tunes as flute ensemble pieces.
Recently I did Demons by Imagine Dragons for 6 flutes*** and I was really happy with how it turned out so I want to do some more.
Does anyone have any suggestions for pop songs I could do?? Thx :)

***I have not posted it online just in case anyone is wondering...I might post it soon but idk. Is anyone else scared to post their stuff on here because it might get plagiarized? I haven't posted many of my pieces for that reason, although I would like to. I just don't want to lose my work to someone who didn't respect my intellectual property...

2 years ago

Being the only one with perfect pitch in your school band be like...

-The rest of your section going, "Wait.... Uh... Do you have perfect pitch?" You say yes. "OMG he/she has perfect pitch!!!! Tell me what note this is..."
-People blaming you even more when you make a mistake
-People playing a note and testing you on what it is
-People asking you to tune their instrument (get a freaking tuner)
-People playing a chord and testing you on what it is
-People with transposing/non-transposing instruments asking you the key of a song
-People asking you the key of a song in general

Arrgh. Still, having perfect pitch is pretty nice when it comes to actually performing/composing/arranging/listening! If you have perfect pitch or know anyone who does, share some awkward perfect pitch moments below!

2 years ago