Favorite mob!

K guys, let's get this group going!
Q: What's your favorite MC mob? I guess you can put one for neutral/helpful and one for hostile.

6 years ago

Minecraft Original Music video?

Hi there, So I just joined for this reason, The rest of my musescore friends I don't think would understand, But I made a Minecraft "Music video" Even though its not a video (yet)
But I wanted feedback, Any constructive criticism would be appreciated!
(sorry, my voice isn't made for modern singing lol)



I was a Noob,
At least thats what you told me,
You'll die tonigh
if you choose to leave me,
Still by the torchlight,
I wanted to go
, Help you Fight the mobs.
To help you go mining,
Find the Sparkles below,
But you don't want me to go!
I will prove to you,
I can find the diamonds,
I will start anew,
With my pick in hand
I will kill the mobs,
Fighting for survival
Just to prove to you,
that I can do it to.
The night is long.
The zombies are prowling,
I'm mining on,
Off to the end of the journey,
With diamond equipment
and enchanted bow,
geared from head to tow.
I found the end portal
and i'm ready to go,
Off into the unknown!
Now I'm standing strong,
On the EnderDragon.
Will you come along?
Now I'm Diamond clad?
See I proved you wrong!
Now we can fight together,
And with this song,
I proved it to you!!

~ Kristi Roller

a year ago

minecraft is cool

Tell us about some amazing buildings, amazing seeds, and just amazing stuff in your minecraft world.

3 years ago

Feeling Good

Excellent arrangement! Curious if I could get it modified for E minor modulating to F minor? Any help would be appreciated. I'm using it for vocal practice. Thanks.

3 years ago

The Official Musecraft Server

Original topic: http://musescore.com/groups/discussion-group/discuss/81411
The IP is carlsonpe.myvnc.com
You have to be added to the whitelist first. Post your minecraft name in the comments.

The Musecraft Prankwars 2013 is almost upon us.
1. No TNT
2. No Lava
3. No Fire (unless for decoration)
4. No Wither
5. Always leave a sign (to identify who did it)
6. Don't take ANY items that aren't yours/use your own items.
7. It must have some visual point, e.g. you can't just place random obsidian and call it a prank.
8. Don't make it too tedious to clean up. This is for fun, not to annoy people.
Any other rules I may have forgotten?

If you are found greatly in violation of any of the above rules, you will be kicked from the server for a month at least.

Image Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/Rc1Pf

Main house:
x=230, z=90

Blaze Spawner (Nether):
x=-120, z=-16

6 years ago


Hey Minecrafter's! I recently set up a server that contains Creative, Survival and Minigames!
The spawn is unique and looks absolutely stunning but we need more users! The server is called "TeddyCraft", the IP is: and if you want to find out more go on to http://minecraftservers.org/server/196148. Another positive is that it is online 24/7, and it is FULLY updated. Have fun composing music and be sure to log on to TeddyCraft today!

Cheers -


3 years ago

Cool pic

You should put a cool minecraft pic as our group pic for the group. Just a suggestion. Might get more peeps in.

5 years ago

wjw42's Server

I thought I would go ahead and post this here, even though it was in the other discussion and nobody followed through :(

But anyways, I also have a server that I run for my friends and I that I'd let you guys join. Without me adding you, you CAN get on the server, you'll just be a guest so you cant do much. However, I can add you to most of the worlds that we have set up when you message me. :D But if you want to, go ahead and explore the place a bit to see if you want to message me!
THE IP IS: technicraft.simpleno.de

6 years ago