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a month ago

Ok les make a story

Here are the characters in the story
Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chole, Kagami, Lukka,Tikki, Plagg, Master Fu, Cat noir, Ladybug, Queen bee , Rena rouge Carapace, Hawkmoth, Gabriel, Nathilie, Myura, basically everyone.
Its gonna be a 2 hour long ep (thats not in the show)
And pick the characters u wanna be
Im gonna be Marinette, Myura and Chole also Plagg
My secondary characters are, Juleka, Alex and trix.

7 days ago


Ok les talk about Kwami Buster for a bit.
1.So they could never know there secrect identies or else they have 2 give up there miraculous.
2. Evryone in Paris is blind.
3. I just love Kim in this ep.
4. Everyone that had a miraculous before was tryint to convice evryone that there not real.
5. How in the heck was the tape holding the camera, I mean wouldnt FALL off?
Pun intened
U know cause its fall
In Canada

8 days ago


Cat puns:
So hows ur day been? I bet it was purrfect! Im feline purrfect 2!
Still thinking........

6 days ago

10 Weird Miraculous Thoughts [EDIT 1.5]

1) What if Cat Noir hand touched an akuma whilst having a cataclysm? 

2) If Ladybug gets akumatised, does that mean that Hawk Moth has already won, since no-one can catch the akuma, neither use the Miraculous Ladybugs to repair everything?

3) How has Ladybug and Cat Noir not been spotted by anyone transforming halfway?

[EDIT:] 4) Since Ladybug gets so many Miraculous from Fu, could she have more than one Miraculous? Like the Ladybug and the Turtle?
 [Answer: Yes. Shown in Kwamibuster.]

[EDIT 1.1:] 5) Wouldn't big enemies like Stoneheart and Gorizilla be useless, since their hands are too big to grab their Miraculous? Especially shown in Gorizilla, where he tries to grab Ladybug's Miraculous whilst holding Adrien?

[EDIT 1.2] 6) In Timetagger, it was shown that Alix's watch was actually a Miraculous. If Miraculous are indestructible, then how did it break TWICE in Timebreaker??

[EDIT 1.3] 7) And then where would Bunnyx be?

[EDIT 1.4] 8) How in 'Reflekdoll', did a Cataclysm not break the sentimonster? Are you telling me that Fu is lying about the Cat's power?

[EDIT 1.4] 9) In 'Style Queen', Plagg could do a very powerful Cataclysm which destroyed most of Paris. Could Tikki possibly do a OP Lucky Charm, Wayzz do a OP Shelter, and so on...?

[EDIT 1.5] 10) When there is a new villain, couldn't Ladybug just do a 'Miraculous Ladybug' to get rid of the villain? 

28 days ago

No just no

I justed watched Loveater and Lukkanette or Kagamidrien cant happend
it has to be Adrienette it just has to be! Just reaveal ur secrect idenities now!
I cant wait anymore, im crying. And why we have 2 wait untill December 4 Miracle queen? I need answers now! 😢 And Chole got Akumatized into Miracle queen at the end, and dont u think that I didnt see the akuma land in the yo-yo cause it totally did Hawkmoth.

6 days ago

Les talk about Party crasher for a bit

1. Gabriel takes care of his butterflies better than his own son.
2. He doesnt use his security cameras
3.Master Fu gives out miraculous like lollipops
4. The episode was realesed before Desperada, and Startrain so everyone was confused.

7 days ago

Ok so this is season 3 eps in order

3 ep 1 - Chameleon
3 ep 2 - Animestro
3 ep 3 - Bakerix
3 ep 4 - Backwarder
3 ep 5 - Reflekdoll
3 ep 6 - Weredad
3 ep 7 - Silencer
3 ep 8 - Onichan
3 ep 9 - Miraculer
3 ep 10 - Oblivio
3 ep 11 - Desperda
3 ep 12 - Chrismaster
3 ep 13 - Startrain
3 ep 14 - Kwami Buster edit me - wait mice bug-mice!
3 ep 15 - Feast
3 ep 16 - Gamer 2.0
3 ep 17 - Stormy Weather 2
3 ep 18 - Ikari Gozen
3 ep 19 - Time Tagger
3 ep 20 - Party Crasher
3 ep 21 - The Pupperter 2
3 ep 22 - Chat Blanc edit so cat noir is becoming akumatized 4 real! Dam fandom going wild be4 the ep even came out yet
3 ep 23 - Felix edit: wait so now hawkmoth can akumatized 3 people at the same time?! Excuse me but can I speak 2 the writers, edit 2.0 wait 4 people!? Dam
3 ep 24 - Ladybug
3 ep 25 - Loveater (BOTM pt.1) edit so its chloes parents becoming akumatized into one, and not her.
3 ep 26 - Miracle Queen (BOTM pt.2)

Ya they totally reasled them out of order.
Still waiting 4 Chat blanc

26 days ago

Just watched "Simon Says"..

I'm rewatching this old episode, and with knowing that Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth, I now noticed a few signs that actually point to him being Hawk Moth... 

Of course, this might just be me. I just picked these out and thought these could be signs.

1) When he akumatises Simon to go after Gabriel, he says, "It's risky, but it's given me an idea." What can that mean? I interpreted as he akumatises someone to go after him... so he just put himself in danger. I infer that that Gabriel is Hawk Moth.

2) When he says "I don't that's a good idea," he actually steps in the scene, previously being with Ladybug and Cat Noir. This means he must have transformed back and walked back into his lair.

3) He says to Ladybug, "I've never noticed your earrings before. May I?" Hm... although he is a fashion designer, it does seem a little suspicious... 

4) Also goes with Cat Noir. Later in Gorizilla, he actually compares Cat Noir's and Adrien's ring to confirm his suspicions. Why would a seemingly "normal" person want to find Cat Noir's idenity? Because he's Hawk Moth?

5) In the last bit of the show, Hawk Moth doesn't talk to Simon Says whilst battling Ladybug and Cat Noir. Usually, when the akumatised villain does something good ( or bad), Hawk Moth would praise him/her (or reprimand), but where is he now?

10 days ago

OMG OMG OMG! Big news!

Chat blanc is coming out November 17th and Cat noir is getting akumatize and the newest episode kawami buster is on October 20th! Loveater and Miracle Queen are the season final where Chole comes Akumatized twice! Coming out December 1st!
Season 4 is coming out Fall 2020! OMG! I'm soooooooooooooooo excited! CAN'T WAIT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

29 days ago

How u guys like season 3 so far?

Season 3 is great heres a list of my fav eps:
Pupperter 2
Gamer 2.0
Stormy weather 2
Edit: ikagari gozen (sorry i'd spelt it wrong)
ya basically every ep

Edit: Just seen startrain this morning and it was awesome!
Edit 2.0: Feast was awesome, XD Chat as a banana.

a month ago

song game MIRACULOUS

Rules: u w ell say the next line of the song after the other person
i'll start:
Update: when we get 2 the chorus do all capital letters, don't question it, just do it.
In the daytime i'm Marinette 
Just a normal girl, with a normal life 
But there is something bout me that no one knows yet
Cause I've have a secrect……………..
Verse 1:

Another day im back at school

a month ago