Favorite Living composers.

Unsuk Chin  ,Donald Martino livied  in boca raton Florida  he  won  aPulitzer  and  he  wrote one of  the  most  important  piano  works of  the last 60  years  pianisso!  Morton Feldman is dead but he  was  truly  great !Brian Ferneyhough,Mike Finnissy ,PerNorgard ,Melinda Wagner ,Carl Vine ,Missy Mazzoli ,NedRorem, Wuorinen are still living.everyday  I  find  some   great work  by  someone  the  previous  day  I  had not  known  Boulez,Huber,Elliott CArter,GiacintoScelsi.Hans Werner Henze died recently .I  am  just  discovering  the  fabulous  composer George Walker  , he is the  first  blackamerican  to win a Pulitzer . Teh  only other two I know are  the jazz  trumpeter  and omposer Marsalis and this pop  phenom who I've yet  to  discover ( I don't  have  time  for pop  music and  all the  other varities of  sound out there! Im to busy I can't  even  sleep  I  have  so much  to  read  and lectures  to  hear  and music  to  discover ! There are too many to ame . Name a country and there  some genius  there  , ten amazing teachers or more who  studiied with  greats and  then  the  dozens  of  driven , ambitious students  who  spend time  hopping  from  one  famous  teacher  so  they  have credentials

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