Welcome to moozick!

Hello and welcome to moozick! This group is kind of an anarchy, except for a few rules:
1. Be nice
2. Have fun
3. Please share your sheet music if you have any
4. Report any problems in this group to me
5. Don't share any inappropriate things
6. Spamming and swearing are not tolerated

If you don't abide by these rules, especially 1, 5, and 6, I will consider kicking you from this group, and I don't wanna do that, but if it's needed, it will happen.

I probably won't make a timeline, I don't really check this group that often...

20 days ago

Some stuff I like (stuff you like too, if you comment on this)

1. Keyboard Cat
2. CoryxKenshin (he's my man)
3. Musescore
4. Checking out other people's creations(anywhere, but mostly on Musescore)
5. the outdoors
6. biking(kinda outdoors)
7. muscle cars
9. Friends & Family(everyone, actually)
10. When people join moozick.
11. Learning about the past(My dad has a bunch of stuff from the `70s).
12. `80s Rock & Roll(Bon Jovi is really good).

I will add more throughout the days, maybe.

a month ago

It my birthday tomorrow!

Its my bday tmrw! I was wondering if any of y'all could make a disney medley or a medley of 21 pilots songs or something for my bday :D. 

24 days ago


I'm super bored and need a laugh...post a joke on here with the answers. LOL

a month ago