Animation Soundtrack music.

I'm an Animation fan. My favorite animated movies (including, but not limited to, "The Secret of NIMH", "Once Upon a Forest" and "The Rescuers") have some excellent (to me at least) songs/music over the Credits. (I'm also a Classical Music fan and like to read through the score as I'm listening to the music.) The problem is that, to my knowledge, none of the orchestral scores to these movies are available to the public. So a number of years ago I started trying to transcribe these songs -- first on paper, then using Finale PrintMusic. (PrintMusic has a decent notation interface, but it's instrument set sounds like something from a 16-bit game. Also, it limits you to 24 staves; and most movie score orchestrations have upwards of 30+ staves.) Eventually I reached the point where I was being more hindered than helped by the technology and tools available to me. (I think I should also mention here that my knowledge of Music Theory and Orchestration is self-taught and extremely limited; and I notate strictly by ear rather than any knowledge of scales. Judge me if you must, but that's how it is.)

Now that I have MuseScore and have more-or-less learned the basics of how to use it, I've returned to my transcription efforts. I will be posting my current WIP sometime in the next few weeks, and would appreciate any advice that you can give me.



a year ago