Jun 7, 2018

It's time for the long-awaited team challenge; a round that will test not only your composition, but your teamwork abilities also. The concept of this challenge is fairly straightforward - I have placed you all in groups of three, and over the next few weeks you will have to work with each other in order to compose a collaborative masterpiece. You can decide amongst yourselves how you want to go about this, but here are a few suggestions that might give you an idea of how to get started:

- Choose a method of communication. This can be anything, from email, to skype, to many other online communication sites. Choose something that works well for your group and that you can all access.

- Get one person to begin writing the very start of the piece, or perhaps a main motif. Then you can take it in turns to add your own sections/elements until the piece is finished.

- Then go back over it individually and make any small edits you think necessary. Feel free to help work on each other's parts.

- Dedicate one person to upload the piece to the group (or you can all upload the same thing if you like!)

And, of course, here are the teams:


@Vigo Kovačić


@Jakob Altmann

Everyone in your group must contribute to the piece.
2) The piece must be at least 2 minutes long, but no more than 10.

Try to get a start as soon as possible, because this is going to be a challenging task. Also, make sure to tell your group if you're going to be away/unavailable for a certain period of time, as they can work on their parts while you're not there, and allow you to work on yours either before or after you go away.

The deadline is 24th of June. I know this might not seem like a lot of time, but we need to start speeding up the rounds in order to finish the competition by the end of the year.

Best of luck!!


@Origamidos  , @mathmaniac125 

Hello fellow teammates!
How would you like to communicate?  I can offer WhatsApp , or Skype. 
Another possibility would be to create a private group here on,  or we use my yet empty unlisted group.
By using a group. we could each add scores to the group for us team members to comment them, download them etc.  
I'm going to send you an invitaition to my group, for any case.  

Where I live, it is GMT+2 hours.  I am at work presently and can offer to communicate when I travel home (about 5 hours from now),
in  my lunch break  ((which would be just around  now) 
 or  when I travel to work which will be tomorrow  6 hours earlier in the day than now. 
Or  later in the evening, i.e about  10 hours from now. Pls let me know what would fit best in your time zone.  
The latter would be most practical when it comes to actually working at a score and delivering something to you, because there I can work with Musescore.  For all discussions or thinking about possible structure/forms/motifs away from instrument,  the other time frames are fine, too. 

Kind regards
Eva (eagri1967)
@eagri1967 @Origamidos 

 The group invite doesn't work, for some reason. I can try whatsapp, but Discord is something I live on. I'll take a look, and if Whatsapp works, we can try that.  We could also share emails, if that works out. How do you guys want to start?
I can look into discord, too. I have just opened an account, same user name as here. I stii have to get used to it but that won't be a problem.
As for how we start... I have a certain idea that could be interesting. If you could set up a group and invite us, I'll describe there what I mean tomorrow (need some sleep now)
Discord is probably the best for me, but if that's not possible then WhatsApp works too.
I've joined the musescore group also.

I live in England and am available for most of the afternoon to talk (from about 3 ish)
@eagri1967 @Origamidos
 Sorry for the short notice, but I'm going on a road trip. What you can do is compose the first part of your instrument and share it with us. THe suite idea is nice, and thanks for getting discord. However, I need the #number after your username to friend you, otherwise I'd have to go through 10000 permutaions to get your friend request. If origamidos could send his discord tag and username, that would be greatly appreciated!
 Might be because i'm a free member, but I can't join the group again. Sorry. Sent you a Discord invite.
@Spencer Vanderkley 
So there are no other limitations with regard to form, instrumentations, stimuli,etc.,  this time? 
@StandardUser101 @Camfrtt

Hey guys! I guess we're together in this to make the Green Team PROUD! :D

Anyway, I'm open for suggestions on what you want our communication system to be like. I see WhatsApp as the most accesible one, but if you have an alternative, just notify me and the other teammate! I can't wait to see what we're gonna do! :D  
@Vigo Kovačić @StandardUser101
Hello ! Happy to be able to work in a group with you. As a means of communication I propose Discord (so do not hesitate to send me your accounts ), but Whatsapp is ok too. I am eager to start as soon as possible to create a great piece !
@Aidancw2000 @Jakob Altmann
Do you have discord accounts?
I think this would be most helpful as we could create a group and it is very easy to share files on.
Step one is we need to find out what the piece will be about, then who wants to do what (perhaps a round robin format?). Then it is just starting.
  My discord tag: #3691 . I like Violin music, classical era music, and pop. You play violin , too, don't you? It would be good to Check out each others music!
Heres my second Account with pop music:
@Origamidos  , @mathmaniac125 

Could you check your email pls.?  I have sent each of you a message via your profile.
@Jband @toadvine Hi! I'd prefer discord? Or do y'all not have that
 I've sent you a friend request
@Jband I realized I have a mutual server with you so I sent you a message
@Camfrtt @StandardUser101 Yeah sorry, I had a an accident in the family the other day... So , anyways, I think WhatsApp will work best. I'm not too much of a discorder...
@Vigo Kovačić @StandardUser101 
Oh, I hope it will be okay for you ... As for Whatsapp, how are we going to do it, should I send you my number or something ?
@StandardUser101 Hey there! Just to give you some information, Camfrtt and I have discussed and decided, we're all gonna make a string quartet with 3 movements! Is it cool if you compose the 3rd movement, because Camfrtt and I have already written some drafts for our movements (you can also take your movement, after the contest, if you want, and make your own full lenght piece that includes your movement! :D). 
@KeldeoJustified Yeah, I left it there in case our teammate StandardUser could see it in time, before I took it down. TIme's up now though! xD
 I don't know; I just realised he didn't enter in the last round either.

 @Vigo Kovačić @Camfrtt Have you had any contact with @StandardUser101? If not, maybe try emailing him via the message function on his profile.
@Spencer Vanderkley
  I’ve no contact with him but i’ll try to send an email to him
@Spencer Vanderkley Standarduser seems to no respond, what can we do ?
5 more days left... how are you all going? :)
Still there and working, and enjoying the process... 
@Spencer Vanderkley - One question:
Once we hand in our piece, do you need a description on how we proceeded and who in the team has contributed what, or would you rather guess on your own?
 It would be nice to know who did what section, but if you want to keep that a secret, that's fine. You can also write about the collaboration process if you wish, but you don't by any means have to do that either :)
Hi @Spencer Vanderkley ,
I keep stumbling over the 'MSCC 2017' in the picture you have for this group. 
It is not a big thing, but maybe, since we are in the contest for 2018, probably it could be updated? 
 Sure, I'll try to get around to it sometime soon :)
Excellent, hopefully I'll be able to post the results tomorrow :)
Results? Not complaining, just curious
same for me... very curious.

And, @KeldeoJustified / @Jband / @toadvine
I'd be very interested to listen to your team's piece, too, if that's possible ? 
I'll post a google drive link :P
Thanks very much ! Wow that's inpressive...
Look forward to seeing the results ! :D

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