Feb 28, 2017

Good job to the two teams who entered - this challenge was a gruelling one and I didn't expect to see all four groups get something up. Luckily for all of you there will be more team challenges in the future, so you will be able to perfect your teamwork abilities.

Anyway, for now...the results! Here they are:

Aqua Pura ~ Blue Team
Creativity: 24
Complexity: 25
Realism: 22
Effectiveness: 23
Total: 94

The Search (Wind Theme) ~ Yellow Team
Creativity: 22
Complexity: 20
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 20
Total: 87
*Minus (-) 10 points for breakage of the rules*
New Total: 77

Great job to the Blue Team, not only did they get together a brilliant piece, and enter it more than a week early, but they also managed to get their whole group to contribute.

Yellow Team - you also had a great piece, but unfortunately the entire group did not contribute, and you therefore lost 10 points from your overall score. Still...there's nothing to be sad about. @BmMusic, you are automatically safe from the eviction round, as you entered a piece. @Alpexle, you are not so lucky. You will join the other two teams in Round Six.

Here's a full list of the people who'll be competing in the elimination:
Rosalyn Sarah
Modern Music Productions
Aquinn 3

Good luck!!


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