Mar 10, 2017

Last round sort of hit the ground, with a couple of people leaving the competition and no one being able to enter a piece on time. So I have decided to skip the round altogether and allow anyone interested to compete.

This brings us to another 'Set' challenge!

I think you'll all remember the very first challenge you did (also a 'Set' round), and we had a lot of success with people entering. So hopefully this is just what we need to get the competition running again.

Without further ado, here are the rules for this round:
1. Your piece must be within 1-4 minutes long.
2. You should try to include 26 instruments, one starting with each letter of the English alphabet.
3. One point will be deducted for each letter you don't use, except for Y and Z (see below).

If you cannot think of one instrument for each letter, here is a sample list I made:
⦁ Alto Flute
⦁ Bassoon
⦁ Cello
⦁ Double Bass
⦁ English Horn
⦁ French Horn
⦁ Glockenspiel
⦁ Harmonica
⦁ Irish Whistle
⦁ Jingle Bells
⦁ Kazoo
⦁ Lute
⦁ Mandolin
⦁ New Age Synthesizer
⦁ Ocarina
⦁ Piccolo
⦁ Quijada
⦁ Recorder
⦁ Serpent
⦁ Tuba
⦁ Ukulele
⦁ Viola
⦁ Whip
⦁ Xylophone

⦁ NOTE: There are no musical instruments on MuseScore that start with Y or Z, so you will not lose points for not including either of those letters.

You can feel free to use any of the instruments above as well as your own, just try to add at least a couple original ones :D

Since this is a BIG challenge, you'll get 2 weeks to enter. Scores are due on the 24th of March.

Good luck everybody!


@Rosalyn Sarah, since the last round didn't count, you still have your immunity (which you can use in future Eviction rounds).


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