ROUND EIGHT: Invention

Mar 27, 2017

Sorry for the long wait everyone... I've been incredibly busy for the last 48 hours, trying to tie everything together for the end of the school term, so that's why I haven't had a chance to upload this round. Anyway, here it is:

I promised you something really fun for this round, and I hope you agree that this meets the criteria.

This week, you'll be basing your piece on.... A PICTURE! Music is one of the greatest ways to express art, and that's what you'll be focusing on this time.

Below are links to 3 images which you might use for your piece. However, it is not your choice as to which one you choose to base it on.

@TheNightreader - since you won the last round, you get to pick the image you want everyone (including yourself) to use. You can only pick one.

Here they are...


You must all write a piece based on the image that TheNightreader chooses. The rules are pretty slack, but here are some guidelines that you MUST follow:

1) Your piece must last for at least 1 minute, but no more than 4
2) It must be written in one of the following keys:
• D minor
• A minor
• E minor
3) And it must, at some point in the piece, use at least 3 of the following instruments:
• Celesta
• Harp
• Pan Flute
• Cor Anglais (English Horn)
• Contrabassoon
• French Horn
• Glockenspiel

There is no limit to the amount of instruments you use, or what they are, as long as the piece contains 3 of the ones listed above.

Last round I was pretty lenient as to who entered and who didn't, but this round I want everybody who wants to continue in the competition to enter. So far I'm pretty sure that TheNightreader, BmMusic, DaggerQuill, TestPilot, Rosalyn Sarah, KeldeoJustified and Teliul are all competing, but if there's anyone else as well then MAKE SURE YOU ENTER SOMETHING THIS ROUND.

Finally, I must give you your deadline. I'll give you 10 days for this one - so it's due on the 7th of April. Good luck!


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