Apr 18, 2017

Congrats to the two composers who submitted for the first half of our immunity round. Duets are incredibly hard to write, and in the time they had, both put up really great pieces.

Here are the results:

Sonatina in F minor, by KeldeoJustified
Creativity: 22
Complexity: 23
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 19
Total: 89
Comments: Overall, a very unique piece showing many great composing techniques. The harp glissandos were very pleasurable to listen to, and the entire structure of the piece was very clever. However, next time I would try to bring in some more repitition with the melody. You want to make sure that it remains memorable to the listener. I can see that you didn't manage to get the recording up, but if you still want to in the future, I would love to hear it! Great piece!

Winter, by DaggerQuill
Creativity: 23
Complexity: 23
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 20
Total: 91
Comments: I always say that the accompaniment is just as important, if not more so, than the melody. Having a tune is lovely and all, but creating the perfect harmony to back it with takes a lot of skill. And, yes, I can definitely see that in this score. The first few bars definitely set the mood. It reminded me a lot of Philip Glass's "Truman Sleeps". For a few more points I would suggest building upon your melody more, to make it stick in the listener's mind, but you did a great job with the time you had. This is definitely better than you think - or at least I think so anyway. Nice one!


It was a really tough round to judge, but great job to DaggerQuill, who came out on top. Great job to Keldeo, as well - there was only two points between you!

DaggerQuill will be moving on to the second half of this challenge, where he will have to go head to head with one of the greatest composers on the site. Who is this composer, you say? Find out next round at the MSCC!!!


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