May 5, 2017

Again, sorry for the delay. I've been meaning to publish this for a while now, but I just haven't gotten around to it until now. Anyway, here are the results that have been long awaited for...

Jabberwocky, by Robin M. Butler
Creativity: 24
Complexity: 24
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 25
Total: 98
Comments: Wow, what an overall epic piece - well done! I loved the contrast between sweet and happy to the big brassy section, it went along with the poem perfectly. I really appreciate how you chose to tell the story of the poem with your piece, rather than follow an atonal structure to make it sound as nonsense as the lyrics. My favourite parts would include the strings entrance at measure 11, and the oboe solo at the end. Definitely a hard piece to beat!

Jabberwocky, by DaggerQuill
Creativity: 25
Complexity: 25
Realism: 24
Effectiveness: 23
Total: 97
Comments: The main theme you present at the start is absolutely WONDERFUL! It is completely unique, and perfectly matches the theme of the poem. I strongly admire how you continue to associate the theme throughout, across many different instruments to create many different timbres. The mood was set perfectly from the beginning of each section, and it works brilliantly when reading the poem along side. This piece shows extreme musical talent, and it is very enjoyable to listen to. Well done!

So, sadly you didn't quite beat Robin's piece, DaggerQuill, but you sure had a bloody good try, and put up one of the best pieces the competition has seen so far. I take my hat off to you :D

Robin, thankyou very much for coming in for this challenge! Great job to the both of you!!


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