May 30, 2017

Before we begin this round, I want to say a huge thankyou to all of you (past AND present competitors) for making this such a wonderful experience. It really means a lot. It's odd listening to your early scores in this competition now, because it fills me with pride to see how much your music has improved. I think Dagger mentioned this on another discussion - EVERYONE here has grown over time, and I really do think you're all incredibly talented people, destined to do wonderful things. So no matter who wins this thing, and who goes home this week, you have all performed admirably, and it's been an honour to listen your music. So thanks :)

The idea for this round is based off what we will be doing in the finals. You can choose your own theme, but it must be based on a national landmark somewhere in the world. Now this can be a building, like the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps even something like a lake or waterfall. Try and make your piece reminiscent of the landmark, and something that will 'inspire' the listener to go there. Other than this, there's just a few of the usual basic rules. Here they are if you need reminding...

- Use as many instruments as you like. It can be anything from a piano solo to a 70-piece orchestral score. No regulations whatsoever.
- 1 to 4 minutes long.
- Add to the group :D


The deadline is the 10th of June. Somewhere between now and then there will be another discussion posted deciding how long the break will be before we begin Finals.

Best of luck to all of you once again, and thankyou so so so so so much for being part of the experience.


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