Jun 15, 2017

Before I can say anything else, I just want to congratulate the two of you on your achievement, both in this round and in the overall competition. I think I may have already said this in the last discussion, but you're all incredibly talented composers, and I guarantee you'll go on to do marvellous things. So no matter who stays and who goes, you've already proved your magnificence simply by getting this far. So well done :)

In the end there was only a one-point difference between the scores. Not only this, but both pieces received almost-perfect scores. These were, I must say, some of the best pieces ever entered in this competition. I can't congratulate you enough.

'Big Ben', by BmMusic
Creativity: 25
Complexity: 24
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 24
Overall: 98!!!!!!

'Giza', by TheNightreader
Creativity: 25
Complexity: 24
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 25
Overall: 99!!!!!

At the end of the day, one point was all that decided. For the first time this year, I judged the pieces completely blindly (I had a friend play me the pieces, with no idea whose they were), and I must say I'm glad I did. Hearing those two pieces in short succession of each other put me in such a wonderful musical place.

Bart, even though you won't be participating in this year's grand finale, I can't thankyou enough for participating so far. Its been an absolute honour to listen to your music, and see how much you've progressed. Congratulations on a well-deserved 5th place, and a fantastic score of 98 in your last round. I think I speak for all of us when I say that you will be more than welcome to participate in any future years of this competition. And now, as it is no longer counted as breaking the competition rules, I will follow you - because your music really takes me somewhere. Well done, my friend :)


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