Jul 20, 2017

Good job to Keldeo & Night reader, not only have you put up to great pieces, but you have also guaranteed yourself safety from the eviction round.

Here are the scores...

Creativity: 24
Complexity: 25
Realism: 19
Effectiveness: 23
Overall: 91
Comments: Great job on this! The choice of the instruments, along with the main melody, created a really tribal sort of sound. The one reason why you got a relatively low Realism score is because the didgeridoo part was physically impossible to play. But don't worry about that, as the didgeridoo is a very complex instrument, and hard to understand until one plays it one day. It was a brave decision to feature it in your piece, and also a great one. Well done!

Creativity: 24
Complexity: 23
Realism: 25
Effectiveness: 24
Overall: 96
Comments: I loved so much about this piece, from the memorable melody to the fantastic lyrics. Fits the theme perfectly - well done!


Keldeo and Nightreader are safe from eviction round, which means that DaggerQuill and Rosalyn Sarah will be competing next time, after which one of them will go home.

Sorry for taking so long to get around to this :)

Good job, good luck, and good night.


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