Musecorps Competition #0.1!

Sep 17, 2018

Just a reminder that if you're planning on submitting something for the competition, the deadline is tomorrow. A lot of you have commented, but nobody has submitted yet. Is anyone planning on submitting something? And if so, should I push the deadline back by a few days?

Thanks for any feedback!


Finally uploaded my new work for advanced-proffesional level on violin. thanks
i wanna dance with somebody
All the comments on the posts appear to be nonsense anyways. If I had the time I might do this but I have no experience with brass instruments or arranging haha. If you extended the due date I could try, but I feel like I wouldn't have a good opportunity to get it done until the weekend, which is further away than the original deadline was from the start
@Astronix2  Yeah, I noticed the comments as well... I'll probably just leave the post up for now and see what comes of it by tomorrow.
no because i am sill wating to sign up

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