Rules (IMPORTANT) Part 2 Because These Are Too Long for One Discussion

7. Everyone is subject to these rules. Even this power-abusing admin is subject to these rules. Going against them will have repercussions. Your fic will be removed. If you're rule-breaking seemingly on purpose, I know how to get creative with troublemakers, but essentially, 1 strike is a warning, two is a more important warning and three is termination of membership.

8. All fandoms are tolerated.

9. No flaming in the comments. No flaming in the discussions either. Do not hate on other fandoms expressly.

10. For feedback and critique, negative feedback is important, but don't be completely brutal to the point of upsetting others. Constructive criticism is excellent, but everyone hates being hated on. Try to say what needs working on, but also be nice about it.

11. If something will contain spoilers for something, DO warn us beforehand.

12. Nothing under 500 words. No limit otherwise, but no walls of text.

Or, the short version of everything above: be nice, don't spam, write well, use spellcheck, put in effort and keep it appropriate for 12+.

If you aren't sure about anything, contact me, Seventetails Alolan Form/Pulsing Utopia.

As for rules about writing next to scores, same thing, but no chaptered fics, keep it short-ish (4000 words max) and explain beforehand.

Now, everyone, let's write! :D

About AUs in this group

And NO, this is not just Undertale.

I am aware that several franchises have long-running AUs in them. For this reason, I'm quickly saying what is and isn't permitted -

UnderSwap, StoryShift, AlterTale and PlotTwistTale are the permitted AUs. All other AUs get the boot. I am open to negotiations, but there is a blacklist composed of UnderLust, UnderHot, MafiaTale, NyenderTale, UndyneTale and FloweyTale.

2Ps only. All other AUs are banned.

Write anything set after the story and you're safe. If Ninten is a time-traveler, you're safe. Otherwise, AUs are banned.

If any other franchises I don't know of have AUs, please contact me and I will negotiate the terms.

Look - if you're creating an AU itself in the fic, such as having one key difference, I'm not stopping you, but I mean that you can't write fics of certain AUs in this group just to keep it safe and sane. I don't want to be cruel - I'm just saying what I think is ideal. If the fic itself is in an Alternate Universe to the game (say - Undertale but Frisk was killed for good by Asgore, and now he doesn't know what to do), go ahead.


First AU/AU List

Hey guys! I'm instituting a bunch of fanfic ideas that my friend Caleb and I did a while ago, but will restart! These are collab-friendly, by the way. Also, we've started our first fanfic of the group, an Undertale AU called Supertale! I'm including a doc with the beginning in it here. Add on as you please in another discussion or the comments. I'll let you know if you do anything illogical with the plot.
Here's the list (with some of the character ideas)

And here's Supertale! I'll include the story here in case the doc doesn't work.

Sans smiled at his work. “Good,” he murmured. “The Souls have been crystallized. I think this timeline’s ready for their human.” He turned and walked away, calling back over his shoulder, “Hey, Alph. If this one turns out to be a Genocider, can you evacuate the monsters?”
Alph pushed his glasses up on his face. “I can try,” he answered. “But the emergency elevators won’t work if the human is a Neutral, so it’s gonna be tough to call.
“That’s alright. Just get them out.” Sans grew dark. “We don’t want a remake of the Origin timeline, now do we?”
“Of course not. I’m a girl in that timeli- oh. Now you’re gone.” Alph sighed, returning to his lab.

Frisk stared down into a hole. “It went down there!” she exclaimed. “This is bad… this is really bad…”
“What?” Frisk’s friend Vincent looked down the hole. “Huh. It doesn’t look that deep.”
“I know, but I don’t want to go down there! What if I can’t get out?”
“I’ll go with you. That way, if you get stuck, I can lift you out.”
“Thanks, Vincent.” Frisk smiled. Vincent had been one of her best friends since they’d known each other. She’d met him when they’d been exploring in the same forest. He’d sprained his ankle, and Frisk had helped him out of the forest. Ever since, the two had been inseparable. People had teased them, but each was too popular at their schools for the teasing to last long.
Vincent glanced back at her. “So what are we looking for?”
“My handbag! It has my phone and my wallet in it.”
“Wait.” Vincent turned to her. “You got a purse?”
Frisk grew red. “It’s a handbag, fool!” she exclaimed.
Vincent chuckled. “Okay, okay. So let’s go down there and find that purse.” Before Frisk could take a swing at him, Vincent jumped into the hole.
Several seconds passed, but no sound came out of the hole. Frisk began to get worried. “Vince?” she called. “Vincent? Are you okay?”
Vincent called back faintly, “I found your purse! But I’m kinda stuck. Can you get down here?”
“I’m coming!” Frisk yelled. She jumped over the rim of the hole and fell.
And fell.
And kept falling.
She blacked out before she hit the ground.

Frisk came to at the bottom of the hole. She groaned, sat up, and looked around. She was sitting in what appeared to be a field of golden flowers. The flowers were not moving at all, which was fitting since she was in the bottom of a-
Hole. Frisk suddenly remembered her fall. How deep was that hole? she wondered. She looked up. The top of the hole was so far up, she couldn’t see it. Looking up made her dizzy, so she turned back to her immediate surroundings. She was sitting in this field, inside a large cavern.

a year ago

Promises (Quest for the Ink Machine)

Moon is my OC. This my first QFTIM fanfic so it might not be any good. Hope you enjoy!!

I woke up to the sound of violent coughing. I turn to Boris and I see that he was still asleep. Sighing, I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Bendy?” I called for my brother. “M-Moon...i-it hurts…” he responded as I opened the door. I grabbed a stack of washcloths and started to wipe the ink off his face. “I know..” I told him wiping tears from my eyes.
Bendy was still coughing up ink when Boris came in. I was holding onto Bendy with tears streaming down my eyes. Boris ran over and put his arms around us. “Bendy!!” he had screamed when he ran over. “G-Guys..I-I'm sorry…” Bendy told us as ink started to cover his eyes. 
As I sobbed, Cuphead and Mugman walked in. Cups grabbed Bendy and started to cry. “Don't you dare give up!!” he yelled hugging him. Meanwhile, Mugs hugged me. “'s ok…” he told me. 
Felix appeared from behind the door and pulled me close. Mugs looked at him. “Mugman, I'll take Moon to get help. You and Cuphead need to calm her brothers down.” Felix calmly stated pointing to Bendy and Boris. I glanced up at him. “Mr. Felix…” I hugged him.

*Little later…”

When we got back, Cuphead looked at us sadly. “Uh...Cup?” Felix glanced at him. “Is everything alright?” I asked. Cup sighed. “We need to find those parts. AND FAST.” he explained. My eyes widened. “But is he ok?” I was frantic. He nodded as he wiped tears from his eyes. “Boris and Mugs are with him.” 
I hugged him. “Thank you so much!!” I smiled. He smiled back. “No prob, now get over there before they wonder where you are.” I nodded and ran toward the room. I stopped when I saw Boris crying. “Boris, are you ok?” I asked him.
He nodded and turned to Bendy. “You tell her.” he told our brother. Bendy sighed. “Sis, you need to know something.” he said pulling me into a hug. “If it wasn’t for Mugman, I would’ve died.” he told me looking away. “Does that mean Mugs fixed the machine?” I questioned with a smile on my face. 
He shook his head sadly. “No...I could still die from this thing.” he replied holding me tighter. I turned to Mugman. “Thank you.” I said smiling. Mugs smiled back and blushed. “Oh, it was nothing.” he replied as he tried to hide his blush. “Wait, then why was Boris crying?” I asked.
Boris hugged me. “I was crying because I was so scared...I thought…” he answered as he started to tear up. Bendy walked over to him and put his hands on Boris’s shoulders. “I’m fine bro. No need to get emotional on us.” he said smiling sadly. I hugged Bendy. Next thing I knew, tears were streaming down my face. “This is a big deal Bendy! What if we lost you?!” I cried. 
Bendy looked at me with tears in his eyes. “I-I didn’t think about that.” he told me as I held him tighter. “You should have!!” I yelled. To be honest, I didn’t know why I was yelling. I immediately covered my mouth. “Sorry…” I apologized looking away. He hugged me. “I’m not mad.” he told me smiling.
I hugged him back. “I-It’s just that…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I was crying again. “Hey, I’m fine. I won’t give up JUST yet.” Bendy said calmly. I gave him a look. “Don’t give up EVER.” I reminded him. “Okay okay...I won’t give up. Happy?”
I nodded. Bendy chuckled. “I don't know what I would do without you guys.” he sighed. Boris glanced at me and I glanced at him back. We both knew that,without us, Bendy would have already died. I wiped the tears that started to form in my eyes. “Guys?” he asked as he looked at us. Boris and I hugged our brother.
*3 weeks later…*
We had just found another piece of the machine. I turned to Bendy and saw that his illness was getting worse. I put my hand on his shoulder. “Do you want to take a break?” I asked him. He shook his head softly. “I-I’m fine sis…” he told me with his voice shaking. I gave him a look. “ We’re taking a break. NOW.” I huffed. He sighed as Felix tried to help him sit down. I sat down next to him and pulled out some washcloths. 
I don't know how much more I can take, I thought as I wiped Bendy's face. He groaned and I looked at Mugman. Mugs nodded and turned to the others. “Let’s keep going guys. Moon’s got this.” he told them. They nodded and followed him. Felix didn’t leave. “I can’t leave you two here like this.” he said to me. “Fine...I could use some help anyways.” I smiled softly.
He grabbed some washcloths and started to help me. Bendy coughed harshly. “Don't give up bro…” I begged with tears in my eyes. Felix wiped his eyes. My brother looked at him weakly. “A-Are you crying?” he asked Felix. Felix nodded as more tears streamed down his face.  Bendy sat up and hugged him. I started to tear up but I was able to hide it. Felix hugged him back and sobbed.
I hugged them and started to cry too. Bendy sighed and put his hand on my head. I still sobbed. He sat up and tried to calm me down. “I'm fine…” he told me calmly. “Ok…” I wiped my tears. He smiled sadly and pat my head. “Anyways...Let's find the others.” my brother told us. “Yeah…” I agreed as I skipped over to our friends.

27 days ago


Hey. I'm Seventetails. I may be fandom trash, but the fanfiction I write (hopefully) isn't garbage.

There are rules to fanfiction submissions in this group! This means that you're probably mad at me. But here they are anyway.

1. Nothing too high on the ESRB ratings scale. Essentially, the limit's T (which is an M where I come from). Long story short, nothing extremely sexual - the best you can get away with there is extremely mild innuendo for the purpose of a joke, and I mean VERY mild. Violence is almost unavoidable with these things, but extreme graphic violence will be zapped - blood is okay, and so is description, but nothing TOO violent - if we're approaching the levels found in the Demon Road trilogy, then tone it down a bit. I hate having to go back and censor fanfiction, but I'm trying to make sure you don't have to do that. However, at the same time, the minors who could be here exist, so we can't go too over-the-top, as much as there's no kill like overkill. For character death, that's fine, but nothing that could taunt an under-18. As for profanity, certain words beginning with 'c', 'f', 's' and 'b' are immediately going to get the fic banned. Otherwise, get creative with your insults - I personally won't tolerate profanity, but here, I'll just make it clear that I personally consider the word 'hell' to be perfectly acceptable, and other terms most people consider acceptable not to be. These words are therefore tolerated, but extreme profanity is not. If you have a great fanfiction that doesn't go into these limits, exists to serve you. I don't want to be too picky here, but we can't get too adult overall in this group - keep it rated T at the most (people in the southern hemisphere like myself will see that as an M and others using a third rating system will think it's a 12+).

2. Low-quality fics will be zapped. Please, please spellcheck and grammarcheck your work, alongside having a plot that makes sense. A drabble in insanity, unless EXTREMELY well-done, is instantly going down. I'm an admin - I can abuse this power, you know. Look, I don't want to make anyone feel bad. But I've seen awful fanfiction out there. Essentially, just do your best. We'll all be there to help. And look, if by chances you do get zapped, it's probably not for quality reasons - check your email, as I will alert you to why your fic is gone. I'll try not to zap fics for being low-quality, just don't do anything TOO stupid.

3. SPAM SUBMISSIONS WILL SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS SIR ROBIN'S MINSTRELS FROM MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. (Imagine blood dripping from these letters to emphasize the point.)

4. Chaptered fics are allowed! However, new chapters must be posted in the old thread. To make things easier, when writing a long fic over the course of many chapters, post new chapters in a thread for new chapters, make one discussion thread for feedback, and one for the first chapter, where you can put new chapters in the comments. DO NOT CONFUSE THESE THREADS, please!

5. If you're writing a one-shot... please, please keep it at a high quality.

6. Shipping fics... ah, shipping. Look, all shippings (as long as they weren't just thrown together by some idiot who didn't care either way and aren't Holdemort, but again, this is a video game fanfiction base, so we won't be seeing Holdemort any time soon) are permitted. Gay shippings are permitted. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't complain about that. Shipping fics must not contain graphic lemon scenes. PLEASE, NO. Shipping fics also can't be just kissing. They must have substance. I'll be picky with these, so be sure that they are quality before putting them up here. Extra points if they've been read by someone else and approved first. I don't actually know any other EarthBoundians, so I have to use here as my proofing site, but I'm putting in the effort. You are allowed to do this, it's just not recommended.