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Sep 6, 2017

And NO, this is not just Undertale.

I am aware that several franchises have long-running AUs in them. For this reason, I'm quickly saying what is and isn't permitted -

UnderSwap, StoryShift, AlterTale and PlotTwistTale are the permitted AUs. All other AUs get the boot. I am open to negotiations, but there is a blacklist composed of UnderLust, UnderHot, MafiaTale, NyenderTale, UndyneTale and FloweyTale.

2Ps only. All other AUs are banned.

Write anything set after the story and you're safe. If Ninten is a time-traveler, you're safe. Otherwise, AUs are banned.

If any other franchises I don't know of have AUs, please contact me and I will negotiate the terms.

Look - if you're creating an AU itself in the fic, such as having one key difference, I'm not stopping you, but I mean that you can't write fics of certain AUs in this group just to keep it safe and sane. I don't want to be cruel - I'm just saying what I think is ideal. If the fic itself is in an Alternate Universe to the game (say - Undertale but Frisk was killed for good by Asgore, and now he doesn't know what to do), go ahead.



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