Is there an alternative app?

Jan 24, 2019

I really liked the old songbook app, but this new app is unusable it:
- can't open files from file explorer, when app doesn't run in background
- has visual glitches in the file list when changing from landscape to portrait
- has problems with zooming, or should I say it doesn't work at all
- transposing changes how the file is displayed
- changing volume of instruments uses the complete hight of the screen, even when there is only one instrument present.

I don't need all this online nonsense because it is mainly used in an offline enviroment. All I need the app to do:
- open the files properly (even when the App is closed!!!)
- let me transpose
- let me zoom in and out
- show the files like they were written in MuseScore and display it as page
- let me export as PDF including transpositions
- change background color including a night mode
- edit tabs (if possible, would be a nice to have)

The app doesn't have to be free to use all features, but should work stable and do the job!


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