Guitar Tabs: frame around each number? Also zooming doesn't work.

Aug 22, 2019


I have just installed the app and was very hopeful to make this my standard practising aid, but I have right away encountered two serious issues.

1. When displaying guitar tabs, every number is enclosed by a frame, which (a) does not look like it does on the PC version of MuseScore and (b) is _really_ hard to read. Please, make it look like it does on the paper and remove that frame, this is otherwise not useful for practising at all :-/

2. Zooming the score does not work at all. I can hit that "+", it will indicate that it reloads the score, but looks exactly the same afterwards. Same happens when I want to zoom out by hitting "-". On top of that, every few times I try it, the app crashes. It should not be witchcraft to get this fixed ;)

Apart from that, I expected to be able to choose the audio source like I can on the online player - I wanted to listen to the song that I have synchronised with the score. Why offer this option when it does not work on the app? That is "just" a feature request, though.

And holy smokes, does this app crash often. Opening scores, changing views, literally any button occasionally causes a crash. Under these circumstances I will definitely end my Pro trial before it ends.

My setup: Samsung Galaxy Tab A T280, MuseScore App version 2.4.11, Android version 5.1.1