Cello Study No. 1 in A minor || [LIVE RECORDING]

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This was made in about 45 minutes, when I had nothing else to do and wanted desperately to write a cello solo. I only got so far, however, before I had to add an accompaniment to make it more interesting :D

This study focuses on half position and unique bowing patterns. I would say that it falls into place at about a Grade 4 standard, AMEB. All you cellists out there - try playing this piece and tell me from your perspective if it's any good :)

If this gets a good reaction, I'll definitely continue to make more studies for cello duet, and maybe move on to longer, more musical pieces.

Thanks, and enjoy!!

Etude in A minor

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I think the right hand movement is inspired by Chopin's Ballade No.2. I really enjoyed doing.
I used the Equinox Grand soundfont because I heard it on a piece of TheLight OI and I liked it :)
I would like to offer a video of me playing this piece.
Best regards!!