Export Score / Parts to PDF bug?

MuseScore v3.0.2.20666
MacOS 10.14.3

I seem to be having a problem exporting correctly to PDF format.  I have a song I've partially ported over from a 40-year old document (just now starting to work on the percussion parts.) The score itself has been formatted to print out in 11" x 17" Landscape using "Format, Page Settings."  When I add the individual instrumentation they are formatted as 8.5" x 11" Portrait (again, Format, Page Settings).  When exporting to PDF I've noticed that:

1.  If I remove the instrumentation from MuseScore and export just the score only the export looks fine....correct size, Landscape orientation, etc.

2.  If I add the instrumentation within MuseScore (so I can edit individual parts) and select "Export Parts" I get the -individual- parts exported fine.

3.  The pdf  "Song_Name-Score_and_Parts.pdf" (which contains the score and all individual parts) shows the score in 11x17 portrait mode instead of Landscape...which cuts off part of the score.  And every individual part after it appears to be in 11x17 portrait mode with the music in the upper left hand corner.

It's got to be something that I'm doing wrong on this end but I don't know what. Can someone whack me upside the head with a clue-by-four?

a month ago

I'm New

Hello everyone!
My Name is Qaedan, I'm 15, and I'm interested in making music.
Please check out my music. My username is: Qaedan Kerr.
Thanks! Bye!

a month ago

Arranger Profile

Hello everyone! I hope you guys can introduce yourself here~
a format like this:
Come from:
Age (when you joined the group)/gender:
Accounts:(If you have other accounts in here)
(What you want to say)
I go first

Come from: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Age/gender: 17/male
Accounts: 3 : cces4415/Bowen Hung/Bowen Hung1
Deemo (A music game made by Rayark, Inc. in Taiwan) Lover, music Lover.
Percussion in my school wind band, currently learning trumpet
I have arranged some music into wind band and performed one of those in our wind band performance. Also I have been transcripting full score of Deemo's music.
I don't have much music basics. I learn chords, piano, trumpet all by myself. I learn to arrange from reading full scores of some wind band pieces.
Hope you guys enjoy my transcriptions!

2 years ago

"New" Group -- Genesis Games Music Team

Hello everyone,

It seems I'm now advertising another new group. (Well, technically, the group I'm about to advertise isn't "new," but nobody besides me has joined it yet at the time of this writing.) The Musescorer Enochulous has made a group called "Genesis Games Music Team" (link here: https://musescore.com/groups/1892176) and is looking for composers and/or other music department members to help him create and share music for some games he is planning on making. (As far as I can tell, right now he's working on one called ZeroBlade Run.) If you're interested in composing for a video game, I recommend you check it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

a year ago

"Edit Drumset" Guide

In a lot of songs I've done, I've been limited to the default drum sounds that Musescore provides. Sometimes, it just doesn't have the sound I want. When I tried to look for them in the "edit drumset" option, it was just such a hassle to experiment with every single sound before getting the right one. Today, I decided that I was tired of this and made a guide for it for everyone to use. Note that the labels I give them may not be 100% accurate, but are as close as I can get to naming the sound. The ones where I put *** are sounds I'm not sure about. It would be great if you guys could help identify them. Thanks!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edit Drumset~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1-26.) NO SOUND
27.) Laser (possible dubstep use)
28.) Gunpowder explosion
29.) Low ?***
30.) High ?***
31.) Drum sticks
32.) ?***
33.) Metronome (electronic)
34.) Triangle
39.) Hand clap/gun (?)
58.) ?***
60.) High conga
61.) Low conga
62.) Middle conga
65.) High metal drum***
66.) Low metal drum***
67.) High muted triangle
68.) Low muted triangle
69.) Low maracas
70.) High maracas
71.) Whistle
72.) Long whistle
73.) ?***
74.) Wooden crow sounder
75.) Claves
76.) High cowbell
77.) Low cowbell
78.) High ?***
79.) Low ?***
80.) Muted triangle
81.) Triangle
82.) Maracas
83.) Jingle bells
84.) Wind chimes {USEFUL}
85.) Castanets
86.) Bass drum***
87.) Lower bass drum***
88-end) NO SOUND

2 years ago

Closing in on 100th follower

Okay, here's the deal. I've got 96 followers right now. That's getting close to a milestone.

Click on my name and then click the Follow button, and if there are 100 of you by the time I get up tomorrow morning, I'll post a special thank-you song for you all.

2 years ago

Codas anyone?

I've been trying to make the coda work in my composition, but I can't seem to get it to play properly in the playback. Can someone explain how to make it work?

2 years ago


Welcome to this new group! Thank you for joining and I hope that more will do the same soon, so spread the word, please. If you are interested in becoming an admin, a sign-up sheet will be out in the next few days. If you are admin here you will become an admin in our brother group "Anything You Can Upload With Competitions", unless there is a weird circumstance. For example, the max number of admin for the other group (5) is reached and we want more than that here. I hope this will be come a big group where lots of music is shared and people discuss there new music among other things. Please always remember to be kind, and read the description to know requirements and other useful info. Thanks for joining!

Musescore Arrangements Creator

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Admin Form!!!

Here is the form that you will need to fill out if you would like to become an admin in this group and Anything You Can Upload With Competitions (if you are a member of it)! Please answer in complete sentences. Also, do not submit answers that do not answer the questions or you will be removed from the group. Thanks!

Musescore Arrangements Admin Request Form:

Musescore Arrangements [Official] Creator

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Why is the word "official" in the title? Would it be any less official if it didn't have that clarification?

Answer: I don't know! lol - RoSpo321

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